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I'd ask WHY you want to delete it, but that isn't my business ;)

If you're using windows, and Mozilla Firefox, go to Tools>Clear Private Data, or alternativly, you could just press Ctrl+Shift+Del.

When a pop-up comes up, check "Cookies". Then press ok.

Your browsing history should be cleared.

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Q: How to Delete yahoo browsing history?
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How do you delete browsing history on this website?

click 'safety' then 'delete browsing history' then 'history' and delete or just ctrl+shift+del

How do you delete Google browsing history?

you can delete browsing history in Internet Explorer by clicking on the tools button of the window and click delete browsing history. if you are using the Mozilla Firefox, you can simply press CTRL+ALT+DEL and the delete browsing history option window will appear then click on delete.

Can you delete your browsing history?

Just go to Tools and hit the top botton, which should read "Delete Browsing History."

How do you delete the history on Google?

Go to "tools" and select "delete browsing history."

How do you clear your browsing history on your toolbar?

Tools > Delete Browsing History > *Select your desired stored information you wish to be deleted* > Delete History... > Yes.

How do you delete the history on your nook?

Settings- Clear Browsing History

How do you permanently delete browsing history on Google Chrome?

by pressing delete

How do you delete Google history in iPad?

Delete all your browsing history in Settings -> Safari -> Clear History.

How do you completely remove your search history?

to delete you history you go to your tool bar and select "Delete browsing history" then you hit "Delete history" or "delete all"!!!

When you delete your browsing history and cookies is it permanent?


How do erase computer history?

go to tools and then click delete browsing history

How do you delete all information on computer?

go to tools then delete browsing history then click delete all.

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