How to Prepare for visa interview in cuidad juarez?

I just went in Jan for my husbands interview, take everything you have to prove your validity in marriage. Be prepared it is very expensive. Plan to use a taxi to look for board/hotel traffic is worse than our big cities. Learn Spanish so you can thwart street vendors. Everything costs money, You can wait outside of the clinic, but I recommend you return to our hotel after he is in. If you go for the physical remember to make sure they get the entire physical done, including psychological exam. you will need a waiver if he came to the U.S. illegally. Be prepared it will be hard on the whole family. You will probably have to wait up to 1 year IF your waiver is approved. There are long lines everywhere. Go early for physical, take appointment letter. Make sure passport is valid--date and all information. Mainly be prepared It will not be easy.