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I just went in Jan for my husbands interview, take everything you have to prove your validity in marriage. Be prepared it is very expensive. Plan to use a taxi to look for board/hotel traffic is worse than our big cities. Learn Spanish so you can thwart street vendors. Everything costs money, You can wait outside of the clinic, but I recommend you return to our hotel after he is in. If you go for the physical remember to make sure they get the entire physical done, including psychological exam. you will need a waiver if he came to the U.S. illegally. Be prepared it will be hard on the whole family. You will probably have to wait up to 1 year IF your waiver is approved. There are long lines everywhere. Go early for physical, take appointment letter. Make sure passport is valid--date and all information. Mainly be prepared It will not be easy.

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Does the illegal alien have to interview in her country for her visa?

Does the illegal alien have to interview in her country for her F-1 visa

Telephone interview for student visa?

You need to be prepared psychologically, mentally and physically for the telephone interview for the student visa.

What to wear to visa interview?


How do you answer the questions asked in an interview for the US Visa?


What is the process to get an American Visa?

The process to get an American Visa includes deciding which type of Visa you will get, and then find your nearest consulate. Next you must have an interview with them and be approved to get a Visa.

What does a yellow slip form mean after the visa interview?

A yellow slip form that you receive after a visa interview shows that you are currently ineligible for a visa approval. However, at the moment you do not have to take any action while investigative services are performed to get you an approval status for your citizenship visa.

What kind of questions ask in c1d type us visa interview?

You can Check out the Various C1D Interview questions along with answers here :

Is there compulsory an interview in denmark pr visa?

yes, it is mandatory...

What to take to a Fiance Visa Interview in Manila Philippines?

When you are going to an interview for a fiance Visa, you will need to take the documents that the office requested. You will need proof of residency and proof that the relationship is real.

Canadian Embassy interview questions asked to work permit applicant?

it is depend upon visa officer he want to take interview or not. some time he takes interview but mostly cases he check profile of applicant if he have any doubt in work visa application than defiantly he will take interview.

Prepare for a U.S.A visa interview?

In case one is planning to travel to the U.S, it is essential to be aware of the immigration requirements. Most international travelers to USA will require visas. In order to get a visa, one can make an application online by downloading the forms from the American Embassy website. Once this is done, the next step will entail booking an appointment online. The applicant must have the necessary supporting documents while attending the interview. The application fee should be paid on the interview date.

How to pass us visa interview for seafarers?

be neat, have a qualified experienced

What type of questions could be asked in visa interview by German embassy?

There are many times of questions that could be asked in a Visa interview by the German embassy. Most of these questions will ask about work, residency, and citizenship.

If you are on M1 visa how long can you stay after your visa expire?

you can stay more 30 days to prepare yourself to leave the country.

What questions is a perspective migrant asked during a visa interview when migrating to Australia?

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How are immigrant visa petitions processed at the National Visa Center?

Immigrant visa petitions are processed at the National Visa Center by invoicing one for the visa application fees. One then waits until they are called for an interview with a consular officer at a US embassy.

Where should you find visa interview schedule date for diversity visa in Dhaka U.S. Embassy?

In Gulshan II American Embassty desk in Dhaka

Can you travel to rest of the Schengen countries with Austrian visa?

Yes,An Austrian visa is a Schengen visa and is valid for all Schengen countries.

How do you apply for tourist visa for US from Mumbai?

Here are the easy Steps for US Visitors Visa Application Step 1: Get a Digital Photo and a paper photo for each applicant. Step 2: Filled a DS-160 Application Form Step 3: Pay the Visa Application Fee $140 for Tourist Visa Application Fee Step 4: Schedule Interview / Appointment Step 5: Attend to your U.S Tourist Visa Interview learn more :

Can a non immigrate citizen with student visa give birth in the US?

.i am not citizen of Singapore.can i get visa of America in Singapore?now i am studing in university in here,can u give me some information about getting the visa and what kind of document need for interview?

How will you know If your schengen visa was approved or denied?

You will know if your Schengen visa is denied at the time of your interview. Details of your application are reported to member countries, as they also have a right to refuse a visa. Processing time can range from a few working days to weeks.

How can you get tourist visa for US?

prepare all the necessary documents required by the US embassy and provide enough documentary evidence that demonstrate your ties with your country if the visa officer is satisfied with the grounds of the application one can be issued tourist visa.

How do you get a visa to US?

First, you need to identify what is your visa requirement. Like, if you're visiting the US just for fun and pleasure you need to apply for a B2 visa which is a tourist visa. Or if you're going on a temporary business related tour, then apply for a B1 visa which is a Business visa. And, when going to work in the US permanently, you need to get the H1B visa. There are many more options, so first identify the type of visa you require. To get US visa, further, you'll have to fulfill some primary conditions. Like, you must have a valid passport, submit the application form, pay the fee, appear for the interview and then wait for the approval. The process takes a little time for visa approval. Mainly processing is done within 60 days of the visa interview. For more information, you can visit I personally prefer this site for guidance.

Administrator process after US visa interview in Pakistan?

forget it you just have to wait over one year or more..................

US visitor visa interview preparation tips and sample questions?

wrong section ask again in Law