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you first have to pop out the switches on the top of the dash (use a tiny screwdriver and gently pry). from there, you will see screws holding in the top piece for the dash. unscrew those screws and the cluster will be at your fingertips.

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Q: How to Remove the dashboard for 94 Honda Del Sol?
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Where is a thermostat on a 1997 Honda Del Sol?

Where is the thermostat on a 1997 Honda Del Sol

How many 1997 Honda Del Sol's were produced?

Honda Del Sol's sold in the US in 1997 1997 = 5,603 Del Sol's were sold.

What is the newest model of the Honda del sol?

1997 was the last year for the Honda Del Sol DSR.

When was Honda CR-X del Sol created?

Honda CR-X del Sol was created in 1992.

Are rim from Honda Del Sol the same as the Honda civic?

the Honda del sol is a civic so they do have the same lug pattern and offset

How do i replace 1994 Honda Del Sol oxygen sensor?

How is the wire of o2 sensors in a honda del sol 1993?

1996 Honda Del Sol radio code?

My 1996 Honda Del Sol VTEC's radio code is 41256. Not sure if this will work for all 96 del sol's, but worth a try.

What hood will fit on a Honda del sol?

only Honda del sol hoods, everything else is different and wont fit.

Honda del sol?

Honda del Sol. A replacement to the Honda CRX. Built on the civic platform from 93-97, it was Honda's only 2 seater "semi-convertible' at the time.

What happened to the Honda Del Sol?

Honda said no more. the del sol replaced the crx which was a great little car. the problem with a del sol from a performance stand point is it is overweight. that is besides the point though. Honda got rid of the del sol. they probably were not selling enough. In the U.S., Honda sold 25,000 del Sol's in the first year (1993), but only 5,603 in the last year (1997). ( )

Are there any interchangeable Honda parts for the 95 del sol?

most of your del sol and Honda civic parts are interchageable! my friend took the suspension from a civic and put it on a del sole

Will a passenger air bag from a 1994 Honda Del Sol work in a 1997 Honda Del Sol?

Yes, as the dash and wiring are identical for these model years.

Where is the horn relay on a 1994 Honda Del Sol?

The horn relay on a 1994 Honda Del Sol is located in the engine compartment. It will be behind the fuse box.

Which direction do you turn to remove oil drain plug on Honda Del Sol?

Counterclockwise. Right=tighty lefty=loosey.

What type of oil should you use in a 1994 Honda Del Sol?

You sould use 5w-30 in the del sol.

Where are the oxygen sensors on a Honda Del Sol?

Its on the exhaust. i have a 94 Del sol s and its on the exhaust pipe about even with the bottom of the block

What engine is in your 1997 Honda Del Sol?

Canadian eg2 Del Sol Dohc VTEC have B16A2 direct from Japan with the same spec

Does a Honda CRX have a hydraulic clutch?

If by CRX you mean an 84-91 CRX then no. They have a cable clutch, however the del sol aka CRX del sol does.

How much does a door cost on a Honda Del Sol?

1500 from Honda without mirror

Transmission fluid for a Honda Del Sol?

if the Honda is stick shift 10w-30

Honda Del Sol 0-60 Time?

1993-1995 Del Sol S = 9.2 seconds 1995-1997 Del Sol S = 8.7 seconds 1993-1995 Del Sol Si = 8.2 seconds 1995-1997 Del Sol Si = 8.3 seconds 1994-1997 Del Sol DOHC VTEC = 7 seconds 1995-1997 Del Sol SiR (Japan only) = 6.7 seconds

How expensive is the Honda Del Sol?

The average used Honda Del Sol is going to cost you about 2000 US dollars; it is a two seat vehicle however and is not very fuel efficient and affordable for a family.

How much oil in enginge Honda Del Sol 1993?

1993 Honda del sol VTEC holds 3.3 liters or 3.487 US quarts of oil with filter replacement..

How do you get to the drain tubes on a Honda del sol?

the water drain lines on rearwindow compartment are blocked on my 1994 honda civic del sol can i run a wire up the tubes to get the water out and where are they under the car.

How do you replace the antenna on a 1993 Honda Del Sol?

you take it out