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Q: How to acquire an application in joining the royal marines commando?
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How does one join the Royal Marines Commando?

The Royal Marines Commando are people who do battle using submarines on the sea. You can join the Royal Marines Commando through their website RoyalNavy dot com.

Were there marines on D Day?

There were two British Marine Commando regiments. The US Marines were busy in the Pacific Islands at that time.

Can girls be marines?

Yes, there are female marines. They could not be stopped from joining for legal reasons.

Where might one go to learn more information about joining the Marines?

One can learn more information about joining the Marines from the Marines themselves. In addition, questions can be asked to the US Military via their website, in person or via the telephone.

Who is joining the Marines?

I am is there any one else

Sir, I am interested in joining the US marines. I was in the US Navy for six years, honorably discharge. I am currently teahing computer here in the Philippines, my birthplace and home. Being a foreigner at 43 can I join the US Marines ?

Yes, just go to Marine's website and submit an application. They will determine your qualifications.

What you have to do before joining the marines?

Finish High School.

What is the royal marine's name?

Her Majesty's Royal Marines Commando/Band Service (delete where applicable)

How big are the Royal Marines?

In 3 commando brigade there are 3 Commando regiments. (40 Commando, 42 Commando and 45 Commando) Each as about 1500 commandos. Also the the fleet arm protection group (Commandos that work on ships) has about 1500 Commandos and the Air assult unit has a further 1000 Commandos. Overall there is about 7500 Commandos

Do you get a sign on bonus for joining the military?

do you get a sign bonus for the marines?

Can you join the royal marine commandos with a criminal record?

if you have a criminal record can you still join the marines commando

Joining marines at 17?

You can legally join, but you need permission from your parent or guardian.

Is joining the Marines to kill terrorists a good reason to join?

No not really but if you want to you can.

What did john Stewart do for a living before joining green lanteren?

He was in the Marines and he was an Architect.

What is the differenece between Commando's and SAS?

If your talking British Forces. Commandos are generally Royal Marines who come under the Royal Navy. You can also have Royal Navy Commandos (Surgeons, Padres). Also you can have Army Commandos such as Engineers, Artillery etc who have passed the All Arms Commando Course. They support the Royal Marines or 3 Commando Brigade (3 Cdo Bde). The Special Air Sevice (SAS) are army but now recruit from all three services. So in theory you can be in the SAS (once you've passed the course) having been a commando. I on the other hand am neither.

Are most Navy Seals Marines?

No, Navy SEALs are members of the US Navy. The Marines are a separate branch of the military. You do not become a SEAL by joining the Marine Corps.

Will joining the marines help me with money for college How about the army?

Joining the Marines or the Army can help you with college funding. The GI Bill ensures that military personnel will get help with college funding after they have served in the armed forces. There are also federal and state agencies that can help with educational funding.

What would prevent someone from joining the marines?

Cutting their hair. lol.........being in prison.

What does boot camp for women joining the Marines consist of?

They go through Boot Camp with slightly reduced physical standards, but they become Marines in every sense of the word.

How do you tell your girlfriend you are joining the Marines?

Just be honest and tell her, better you than some one else.

how can i encourage my son who thinks he is interested in joining the marines to take the initiative to step out. what can i/you do to encourage him he is graduating from high school in May/June ?

You could have him talk to a recruiter from the Marines to make sure that is what he is interested in.

Are the Marine Force Recon like the British SAS?

No, they are more akin to the elite Brigade Reconaissance Force of the Royal Marines 30 Commando IX group.

Is it bad that joining Marines comes before your education family and friends when you are 13?

Considering that the Marines value education, it is bad. Marines want loyalty, not people that would abandon their families. Finish high school and join the Marines when you turn 18. Meanwhile, keep a clean record and get physically strong. so no smokey smokey :)

Are royal marines a pretty elite force?

The Royal Marines are a very well trained specialised commando force. Some may say they are not elite because they are not Special Forces, however they undergo some 8 months training including the gruelling Commando course, and have been involved in all major conflicts. As a far as their roles go they are second to none. And would be amongst the best soldiers in the world. Making them a truly elite force.

Where can one find information about joining the Marines?

The Military website and the Marines website are both full of information on the background needed before applying to join the Marines. As well as minimum age requirement, there are educational qualifications required and experience that should have been achieved prior to applying.