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Flair panels are actually air bladders that are placed inside the saddle panels. The panels are the part of the saddle that contains padding right next to the horse's back. There are four air bladders in the panel, two on each side of the horse's back. The air bladders have each have a small hose and coupling that can be accessed between the panel and the tree of the saddle, where flocking holes are on a wool flocked saddle. Some specialized equipment is needed to adjust the panels The fittings are pulled away from the panels. The ends are opened up. Then the hoses are connected to a small air pump, like the one used for bicycle tires. A few pumps increase the air, a little pressure with the fitting open decreases the air. Then the fittings are closed and small plugs are glued in to keep the whole thing stable.

Because of the specialized pump and fittings you need to have a qualified Flair technician fit them, but the process is very simple!

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