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How to advertise on Radio Indigo?

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To advertise on Radio Indigo in Goa, India, you can do either of the two:

a) Call on (+91) 832 2423919

b) Drop an e-mail to

2007-11-14 14:23:22
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What is an advantage of the radio?

Radio is a good way to advertise for a business.

Where can one advertise healthcare?

One can advertise healthcare thorough a number of avenues. One can advertise on television and radio, in magazines and print media or one can advertise online.

What is the sentence of advertise?

Once we started to advertise our daily specials, our restaurant was packed with customers. We advertise in the yellow pages, on television and on FM radio stations.

Can you advertise a farm auction?

Not on this website, but you could advertise in farm journals and local newspapers and even on the radio if you have the money.

How can you advertize your company?

you can advertise your company in a variety of ways. How to advertise best depends on how large your company is. You could advertise on bus benches, busses themselves, radio, television or the Internet.

How much does it cost to advertise on radio?

Well it depends on the radio station. But, it cost about $60 to like $80 or $90

How can I better my group with events marketing skills?

The first way would be to advertise or local radio stations. You can also advertise or social media websites.

Advantages of tv and radio?

The advantages of TV and radio are: -Entertainment -To warn people of danger such as severe weather. -For companies and businesses to advertise.

What is a lucky punch in Pokemon indigo?

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The way to advertise legally is to go through a local newspaper or radio station. Another way is to take out a spot on a blog or by using other means such as restaurant placemats.

What are synonyms for broadcast?

transmit, telecast, show, relay, radio, send out, report, announce, advertise, circulate

Where to advertise massage therapy?

You can advertise it in many options: > through internet > paper > tv and radio advertisements But I highly recommend you advertise it through the internet with niche under health and wellness. Since internet can capture everyone in the world so, it is more profitable.

How has the radio impacted today's society?

¨Commuters rely on the radio for news and music while driving, especially in traffic ¨Musical artists use the radio for publicizing their songs and themselves ¨Industries use the radio to advertise events and special promotions

Radio rate cards legitimate?

It's a pricing of how much money it will cost your our your company to advertise on the radio. It will give you choices of how long you want to be on the air for and how much it will cost you.

Which San Angelo Radio Station should you advertise on?

There are 14 commercial radio stations with city-grade signals that cover San Angelo, Texas. Which of these radio stations you should advertise on depends on the product or service you are offering and the audience you want to reach with your message. The leading radio stations in San Angelo are KDCD-92.9FM for reaching a Country Music audience, and KMDX-106.1FM for reaching a Rock/Pop Music Audience.

Why is radio useful in your lives?

a radio is useful to your live because of its peaceful music and when disasters are around, their are missing people, or you just want to hear the news the radio can help you plus for some business men the radio is a helpful way to advertise your product , store, or your business.

Are there many commercials on Xm and Sirius radio?

XM and SIrius radios are not commercial free. They do in fact have to advertise the fact that you own a commercial free radio. There are many less commercials than normal radio but there are still some commercials.

What did they advertise on the radio during world war 1?

The first commercial radio stations didn't start until the early 1920's, at least 2 years after the end of WW1.

What are four things that are indigo?

Indigo, indigo crayons, indigo colored paper, and indigo colored shirts.

Is Publix open on Thanksgiving?

No they are closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. They advertise on radio that they want their employees and families to also enjoy the holidays.

Why aren't cigarette commercials on TV anymore?

It is illegal to advertise cigarettes on television or the radio in the United States, and has been since 1971.

How can people advertise using mass media?

One could advertise using mass media by putting an ad online, or renting a billboard. One could also advertise by calling the newspaper or a radio station and putting an ad on the side of their car or paying somebody to put the ad on the side of somebody else's car.

What is Tagalog version of indigo?

Tagalog Translation of INDIGO: indigo

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