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How to avoid writing a sentence fragment?

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In order to not write a sentence fragment, you must always have a subject in your sentence and a predicate.

For example:

Fragment: Went to the movies.

Sentence: I went to the movies.

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What is a sentence for sentence fragment?

Example : "You can avoid using a sentence fragment by making sure that your sentences have both a subject and a predicate."

What is an intentional fragment?

an intentional fragment is a form of writing where you use one word as a sentence. this creates "drama" and makes the word stand out.

How can you tell if a sentence is a sentence fragment?

It is a sentence fragment if it has no subject or no finite verb. A sentence fragment is an incomplete thought.

How can you avoid a sentence fragment?

Read your sentence out loud-- only what you wrote. Is it a complete sentence? Or, is the other half in the next sentence? Does the sentence have a subject and verb (actor and action)? Stop after each period-- if you have to ask "What then?" or "So what?" or "because what" after a period, you might have a sentence fragment.Example:Fragment: First sentence - He was going because. (because what?)Fragment: Second sentence: He bought tickets.Full sentence put together: He was going because he bought tickets.

Is this a sentence fragment Do you work?

Do you work? is a complete sentence; it is not a sentence fragment.

Is she wave sentence or fragment?

"She wave." is fragment but "She waves" is a sentence.

What is a fragment in English grammar?

In English Grammar a fragment, also known as a sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence. This means that the fragment cannot stand on its own as a sentence.

Is a sentence fragment an incomplete sentence?

Yes, a sentence fragment is one type of incomplete sentence.

What does fragment mean in writing sentences?

It's basically an incomplete sentence, like: Hello I am. a magician.

How do you revise a sentence fragment?

Make each fragment into a complete sentence.

After the storm sentence or fragment?

"After the storm," is not a complete sentence so it is a fragment.

Example of sentence fragment?

Example of a sentence fragment.

What is a sentence fragment and a mistake that causes it?

A sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence. The mistake that causes sentence fragments is failure to be fully aware of what you are saying (or writing). I often see sentence fragments on this site. Some people post questions that look like this: Why do horses? How did it? Do they really? And so forth.

What is fragmant sentence?

A fragment sentence is a partial sentence. It does not have everything it needs to be a full sentence. For example: "The dog" is a fragment.

What is a scentence fragment?

A sentence fragment is a small part of sentence. Sentence fragments can form some meaning of the sentence.

Is Be Seated a fragment or a sentence?

It is a sentence. It is a declarative sentence also because it's giving a demand.

How do you know wen a sentence is a fragment?

A sentence is a fragment when you do not have a noun/pronoun and a verb.

What is one way to correct a sentence fragment?

A sentence fragment can be joined to another fragment or sentence, or the missing part (subject, predicate, object) can be supplied.

What is a fragment in writing?

A fragment is a piece, a small part, a shard. In A Christmas Carol, Scrooge talks about a "fragment of underdone potato". In writing, a fragment is a piece of a complete sentence. It expresses less than a complete thought. Our speech is filled with fragments, because when we are talking we move from thought to thought without finishing them. We can understand it because when we are talking we have the opportunity of asking for the speaker to complete his thought. That is not possible with writing.

Is 'Sit' a sentence fragment?

This sentence is indeed a sentence fragment because it fails to have a subject.

What are the characteristics of a sentence fragment?

A sentence fragment is a part of a sentence, such as just the subject noun, or just a verb.

Is rushed to the rescue a sentence or a fragment?

It is a fragment because a sentence is like I will go to the vet.

What is a sentence fagment?

A sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence. A complete sentence requires at least a subject and verb. A sentence fragment is missing one of these.

What is a fragment sentence?

A fragment is a sentence that isn't a complete sentence. Example: I have. *or* I Like. They both have subjects and verbs but no predicates.

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