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If you want to learn to fly an aircraft, the sky’s the limit to where you can take it. The private pilot licence is the launch pad to a series of add-on ratings and certificates to fly for pleasure or make it your career. Flight training for fixed wing aircraft encompasses written exams, flight time in a light plane, and in some instances, a simulator is provided for additional cockpit skills.

Local aviation schools are the best place to begin for the private license and most of them will offer a package program to include an instrument rating, multi-engine, and the Certified Flight Instructor certificate. Pilots flying for pleasure need not continue past the private license, however, an investment into the turbo prop or multi-engine rating will be needed if you wish to fly a heavier aircraft.

The Certified Flight Instructor certificate allows the new pilot to earn an income in the air by carrying passengers for hire and gaining employment as a flight instructor. Working in the aircraft industry is a great way to build your flight time and earn some money as you go. The pay is not the best at first, but the work is steady and gets you free air time as pilot in command for your log book.

Pilots who wish to push forward for a career with the major trunk and carriers will need to take the Airline Transport Pilot exam and get a jet rating. The FAA requires the ATP applicant to be at least 21 years old, so there is no sense in beginning your flight training too early and having to wait for the minimum age.

If you are starting with zero hours and wish to become an airline pilot, the fastest and most economical route is to start your training with a larger aviation school that can take you through the entire program. The costs will be in the tens of thousands of dollars, however financing is available and your professional flight training will be comprehensive from one flight school rather than transferring from place to place.

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to become a pilot you must take flying lessons.

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Q: How to become a pilot?
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