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1) Con a helper into helping you.

2) Open the bleeder valve on the brake cylinder.

3) Have your helper press on the brake petal.

4) Close the bleeder valve when air stops or when the petal is floored.

5) Have your helper release the brake the petal.

6) Check the fluid level in the master cylinder. If it goes dry you will have to start all over.

7) Repeat 2-7 until you stop getting air from the brake system.

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Q: How to bleed the brake system on 1991 Chevrolet truck?
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On a 2002 1500 HD should the brake pedal go to the floor when the truck isn't running?

no! you have air in the brake system or there is no pressure for some reason. look for leaks. bleed the system.

How do you release stuck emergency brake on Chevy truck?

A stock emergency brake, on a Chevrolet truck, can be released by manually disengaging the emergency brake. This can be accomplished by loosening the tension nut on the brake.

Bleed a clutch slave easily 92-95 Chevrolet truck?

show me pictures

1995 Chevrolet Truck how do you install brake switch under dash?

go to sears

Where is the brake light switch on a 1995 Chevrolet 2500 truck?

Check at the upper end of the brake pedal undeer dash area

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how to bleed the clutch system on ford f-250 2001 truck

1996 Chevrolet truck park lights work but brake lights don't Brake light on top of cab works so why don't the brake lights on the back of the truck work?

it could be the brake light switch that usually contacts the break pedal when you depress the brake pedal. check that out first.

How do you bleed a clutch in a 1990 Chevy truck 350?

there are two places to blead your clutch and its a two person job the first thing you do is fill the clutch master cly. theres a bleeder screw on it then refill the cly. and bleed it at the slave cly. this is all done the same way you bleed your brake system

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Is there a diagram of Chevy model1500 truck brake line assembly?

You can obtain a break line assembly diagram, for your Chevrolet pickup truck, from most Chevrolet dealerships. You can also obtain the diagram from most auto-parts stores.

Will a 1972 Chevrolet truck grill fit on a 1968 Chevrolet truck?

No. But 1969 thru 1972 Chevrolet truck grille assembly will interchange.

How do you bleed the air from the Engine cooling system on Chevy truck?

Engine cooling system is not a closed system you can't remove the air.

What size allen wrench is required to change front brake pads on 2000 Chevrolet s10 truck?


How do you change disc brake pads on 1995 Chevrolet truck S-10?

The same as any other vehicle.

Can you put a different brake system on a 1967 ford ranger truck and if so what kind of system?


Chevrolet 1978 truck c10 ..Why pedal brake so hard?

Either the power brake booster is bad, or it don't have any vacuum going to it. That is the part that the brake master cylinder is bolted to.

What other brake drum will work on a 1956 Chevrolet truck?

Need to know what series (3100, 3200, 3600 etc) truck and front or rear drums. With that info I can help you.

How do you release a parking brake with a broken release handle on a 1993 Chevrolet truck?

Best ways are if you can see exposed cable underneath the truck, go underneath and yank down on the cable as hard as you can. If the parking brake isn't needed or you just need to free the brake to move the truck and can go get it repaired if necessary, cut the cable back by the brake and the brake will release. Shouldnt cost more that 150 bucks to get a new e-brake installed.

What is the brake caliper bolt size on a 2000 Chevrolet truck?

A 3/8" Allen wrench will remove that bolt on the front caliper.

Battery symbol light 1997 Chevrolet truck dash?

lack of charging system voltage.

What are the torque specifications for Chevrolet truck brake caliper bolts?

For the Chevrolet S-10 model years from 1982 to 1993, the torque for the caliper mounting bolts is 37 ft. lbs. The torque setting for the brake hose-to-caliper bolt is 32 ft. lbs.

Where is the fuse relay center for a 1990 Chevrolet S10 truck?

Under your hood. To the right of your brake master cylinder. Two relays are located there.

You replaced the brake switch on a 96 Chevrolet pickup and now the transmission wont unlock when the brake pressed down unless you turn the truck off?

try swapping wires on brake light switch--do stop lights work?

Ecm location 2002 Chevrolet 2500 truck?

location of ecm 2002 Chevrolet 2500 truck

Ford truck wheel fit Chevrolet truck?