How to by pass the heater core on a 1993 Pontiac trans port?

Here he easiest way to bypass a heater core on just about any vehicle. 1. Locate the input and output hoses that go the heater core. 2. Trace them to the closest connection point before the firewall of the vehicle. 3. Disconnect both hoses by lossening the clamps that hold them. 4. Find a piece of sturdy pipe (heat rated PVC, steel, Copper, etc.) that will fit INSIDE both hoses. Some vehicles have difference size input and output hoses so you may need an adapter to make a big to little pipe. 5. Put the pipe into both ends of the hoses and tighted the clamps. 6. Make sure the not joined hoses do not fall into any moving parts of the engine compartment. You may need to tie it up with some type of wire (electricl wire works well). There.. your done. You heater core won't leak and the vehicle will not loose any more antifreeze through the heater core. But .. you won't have any heat in the car either. This is a quick fix to get your car back on the road until you can repair it properly. Hope this helps.