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Q: How to calibrate a bimetallic thermometer?
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Why is it important to calibrate a bimetallic thermometer every day?

Accuracy is lost when thermometers are bumped or dropped.

How does a bimetallic thermometer operate?

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2 kinds of thermometer?

1. Liquid Thermometer 2. Bimetallic Thermometer

How do you calibrate a meat thermometer?

The same way you calibrate any thermometer. If you are not aware how to do this you should not be using one

Who invented the bimetallic thermometer?

Jhon harison

What is a bimetallic thermometer?

A bimetallic thermometer uses a bimetallic strip wrapped into a coil. This strip usually consists of either steel and copper or steel and brass. A bimetallic thermometer is a type of thermometer made with a couple metal strips. They have differing thermal expansions that are brazen together. Any distortion in this apparatus caused by variations in the temperature is used to measure the temperature.

WHAT IS a bimetallic thermometer used for?

Its simple . to measure the temperature

Physical property of bimetallic thermometer?

Expansion and contraction

What is the use of a bimetallic thermometer?

A bimetallic element is used in order to react it from various temperature that will indicated the temperature of an object or body.

What is the advantage between a bimetallic thermometer and an ordinary thermometer?

If you mean by an "ordinary" thermometer, a mercury thermometer, the bimetallic type can measure a far greater range of temperature (mercury freezes at -38oC and boils at 356oC making it useless in the polar regions or for measuring high temperatures).Bimetallic thermometers are also more robust; mercury thermometers are usually made from glass and are fragile.

What is a Bimetallic stemmed thermometer?

basically, a Bimetallic Stemmed thermometer is a thermometer that is used when cooking meats- like turkey (well turkey is poultry, but that is not the point) . They have a long stem that you poke into the meat and there is a dial on the top that tells you how hot the inside of the meat is.

A bimetallic strip can be found where?

In a thermometer,thermostat,clock or oven You can refer to wikipedia.:)

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