How to care for rooster?

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The same as you would for any chicken be it hen or rooster.

Good quality feed, a fresh supply of clean water, shelter from the elements and predators. Clean living area and space to move is also important.

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Q: How to care for rooster?
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How can you take care of a sick rooster?

shower the rooster in warm water for 5-10 minutes. Then keep it warm

How many chickens can 1 rooster take care of?

A large fowl (standard) rooster can take care of 7-10 hens, depending on the individual roosters breed.

How a rooster adapted itself to life in the city?

it lives there or awhile and then it gets used to it and people point at it but the rooster thing doesnt care

Can chickens hatch eggs without the help of a rooster?

If the egg has been fertilized by the rooster then yes, the chickens will take care of the egg until it hatches. If the egg was not fertilized by the rooster than the egg will not hatch.

Why do hens squat in front of you?

This is mating submission behavior. The see you as "the rooster". Most often this happens to the person who feeds and takes care of the hens, especially when no rooster is present within the flock.

With Rhode Island Red hens do you need a Rhode Island Red rooster to produce RIR chicks or will any kind of rooster do?

yes and no. i you want to produce pure bred RIR you must get a RIR Rooster. If you don't care if they are purebred you can get any breed of rooster. ..prinsesrau answer.... hens can have part rir chicks if there rir or if the rooster is. yes it depends if u weant pure rir if that is the case hen and rooster need to be rir

What is a possessive word for rooster?

The possessive form for the noun rooster is rooster's.

Do you kill a rooster to get the rooster comb injections?

When they get the injections from a rooster's comb, the rooster does have to be killed. They can get rid of a rooster's comb without killing it but it has to be on the first day that it is born.

How do you get your rooster to mate with your hens?


Will a young rooster crow around an older rooster?

Yes. A young rooster will mimic the older rooster's crow as it learns to crow.

How do you say rooster in German?

rooster = Hahn

Is a rooster an animal?

Yes. A rooster is an animal.

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