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How to catch raikou in Pokemon LeafGreen?

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After obtaining the national dex, beating the elite four and delivering the ruby and sapphire you can find raikou anywhere around kanto i suggest looking on Route 1 when you do find it use the master ball on it.

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Tip for catching raikou in Pokemon LeafGreen?

to catch Pokemon you have to obtain raikou palls

How do you catch Raikou in diamond and pearl?

You cannot catch Raikou in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. To get Raikou in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, you must trade for one from Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver where it can be caught or transferring from Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Can you catch raiku in emerald Pokemon?

You can only capture Raikou in pokemon leafgreen and firered version you can also snag a shadow Raikou in pokemon colosseum.

Who do you who is the master ball for in Pokemon LeafGreen?

to catch suicune,mewtwo,raikou and entei

Where can you catch raikou in FireRed or leafgreen?

There's no specific spot to catch raikou because raikou is a wondering Pokemon it can go from route to route in kanto and this makes it hard to catch but all more worthwhile to catch it.

How do you catch raiko?

raikou can be caught in Pokemon colosseum and Pokemon firered and leafgreen for firered and leafgreen you need to have chosen squirtle as your starter Pokemon then beat the elite four and gained the national dex now you can catch raikou but it wanders around kanto so look carefully.

What legendary Pokemon can you catch on Pokemon LeafGreen?

mewtow zapdos moltres articuno mew entei raikou suicune

What do you do after the league in Pokemon LeafGreen?

well u must go catch entei suicune and raikou.

How do you catch raiko in Pokemon leafgreen?

RaikouIn order to catch Raikou, you have to have chosen Squirtle as your starting Pokemon. After that, you must beat the Pokemon League. Once done, it will be running around Kanto and it is generally very hard to catch because it always flees the battle.

How do you catch a shiny raikou in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Every time you see raikou you may be lucky to find its shiny simply use the masterball when its shiny.

Where can you catch the dog Pokemon in platinum?

Entei, Raikou, and Suicune are NOT obtainable in Pokemon Platinum.You will either need to catch them in Firered/Leafgreen and migrate them or trade with someone else that has them.

Can raikou appear in caves in Pokemon LeafGreen?


Where are the dog Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

they are raikou, suicuneand entei.

Can you catch Entei and raikou at night?

You cannot catch the legendary dogs in Diamond or Pearl, you must migrate from Pokemon LeafGreen, FireRed, Colosseum, or XD.

How do you find raikou in emearld?

Raikou is only found in firered and leafgreen if you chose squirtle as your starter Pokemon. Or you can get the purified raikou from Pokemon colosseum.

How do you catch Raikou in Pokemon Ruby?

raikou cannot be caught on Pokemon ruby

Pokemon Emerald how to get raikou?

Trade from FireRed or LeafGreen.

Can you catch Raikou in Pokemon Ruby?

no!! of cours yo can not catch raikou in ruby raikou can only be cought in the johto region

What do you do after beat the elite four in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you catch 60 different Pokemon go to professor oak.catch mew and mewtwo catch one of the three legendary dogs. charmander...suicune bulbasour...entei legendary dogs to the left squirtle...raikou squirtle...raikou

Can you catch mareep in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can not catch it in leafgreen,but in firered you can.

Were can you catch raikou in Pokemon FireRed?

You catch raikou in vermilion city in the smallest patch of grass

Where do you find raikou in Pokemon Gold?

You go to a mountain and catch raikou

How do you get raikou entei and Suicune in Pokemon FireRed and leafgreen?

In FireRed and LeafGreen if you start as Charmander you get Suicune if you start as Squirtle you get Raikou if you start as Bulbasaur You get Entei

Where do you catch the legendary dogs on Pokemon Platinum?

unfortunately, you can't catch suicune, raikou, entei, mew, or mewtwo in platinum. But you CAN transfer them from emerald, ruby, saphire, firered, or leafgreen.

Where to catch raikou in Pokemon Crystal?

It is in everywhere in johto. You have to search it. I catch raikou in south of the ecretuak city.