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How to change 93 Pontiac Sunbird water pump?

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2011-09-24 05:19:51

start by draining the coolant, then remove all the belts, then

remove the altenator, power steering pump, if you have the OHV(over

head valve) engine remove the water pump pully bolts and pully.

wedge a screw driver inbetween 2 bolts to keep it from turning

while you remove the pully bolts, loosen all bolts before removing

any of them. on OHC(over head cam) engines remove the timing belt

front cover, timing belt and rear cover, remover the retaining

bolts/nuts and lift the water pump out, if it's stuck jar it loose

with a block of wood, DO NOT PRY between the pump and engine with a

screwdriver, you might damage the sealing/mating surfaces, on some

models you have to unbolt the engine mount from it's cradle

(subframe) and raise the engine just enough to get the pump out,

and reinstall in the reverse order, and there you have it, peace of

cake, butch

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