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How to change heater core in 1990 dodge Dakota?


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Start by removing the hoses from the manifold and water pump to the heater core nipples. You do not need to drain your radiator before you begin. disconnect the green and black vacuum lines. remove the four washer bolts on the fire wall and disconnect the A/C hose from the firewall ( you may also want to remove the section w/the sensor). Once you have removed all anchor points for the unit under the hood, then move to the cabin of the truck. In this case it might be best to remove the car seats because ample room will be needed to get to the unit under the dashboard. After you remove the seats you will need to remove the front face of the instrument panel. That would be the one covering the from the Headlight switch to the radio. you will need to remove the passenger side panel from underneath the dashboard to accomplish this you need only to remove the teo screws in the panel and only two screws from the running board upon completing this you are ready to move to the next step. Then remove the lower half of the dashboard this includs from the ash tray to the glovebox. The front of the unit should be easy to remove by just pulling it off. the front of the unit is the piece is the thing that diverts the air throughout the vehicle. Now boys and girls comes the fun part you may have to wrestle it out and down but it will come pretty easy. Remove about a dozen or so screws from the top of the unit also dislodge a bolt from the bottom to accomplish this just push up on it or nudge it through and be sure to set the clips aside when you close the lid back up. Well ladies germs and fellow garage mechnics putting it back is the same procedure in reverse. Its been a slice cost of this procedure from a mechnic $600.00 my cost $ 57.00 and two packs of smokes.


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