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== == AutoZone has a nice step-by-step guide at If they change their site, the original answer to this question follows....

changed one in a 1990 just today,first off,the water pump will most likely need replaced,,if there the same<90 95> which in my research 1990 to 96 or 98are the same this is what we did disconnect battery then remove the panels right under your glove box to expose the heater core you have to disconnect the hose from the heater core from under the hood "very tight squeeze"then pull the heater core out from in the van and put new one in sounds simple but its not that took three to 4 hours and we are not done, know the water pump needs replaced.."good luck"if your hoses are the origanal you may need to cut them out."we did" you will be told to remove the whole dash to get to heater core we did not, be very careful with new heater core putting it back up in there, but it should just fit back in the way you took out the old one.maybe i can go out and take pictures for you..anyway if the 90 and 95 are different im sorry but i was told there the same so good luck "its a royal pain"if you have more specific question please ask. all yeah drain the antifreeze out the screws we removed were 7mm you need pliers you need clamps and possibly new hose

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Q: How to change heater core in 1995 Oldsmobile Silhouette?
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