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Place a hydraulic jack under the motor.. preferably between the trans and motor for replacement of front motor mount. Proceed to remove the bolts attached to the underside of radiator. Next remove the bolt between the mount. Total removal is 3 or 4 bolts? Make sure the jack is just resting under the transmission as to allow for the new mount to just slide in to the bracket in the same place it was removed. . I don't claim to be a mechanic.. just have had extensive dealings with all of my mounts. Just remember.. you don't have to remove the entire bracket.. of course unless it is broken. the bracket is in two pieces. you only remove the front bracket.

Transmission mount. Remove the air filter box..disconnect all wires in your way. there is a bolt you can see under the drivers side wheel well. This bolt is located behind a rubber grommet. Remove the rubber and there is the bolt. This bolt loosens the transmission mount. I removed the entire bracket to replace mine. There are three bolts that are clearly visible under drivers side wheel well. These bolts have to be removed to take the bracket out. This took a little time to put back in... just be patient with all the mounts or you will be one frustrated individual.

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Q: How to change motor mounts on a 1990 Dodge Caravan?
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