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Yes these cars do have sbc (electronic brakes) but you do not need to de-activate the system before you replace the brake pads.

Take key out of ignition

You should have a 'floating' type caliper, remove the rear wheels and remove the brake calipers, should be either a torx bolt or a Allen bolt? don't remember. unscrew those 2 bolts on the backside of the caliper. remove the caliper and replaced the pads, re-install in oposite direction.

*note* after your finished start engine but do not press the brake pedal until after you hear the sbc/brake pump prime itself, if you touch the brake pedal to soon, you will sometimes cause a red warning message in the cluster because it thinks the pressure is to low, which you will then have to clear the codes for.

Is a good choice to have done at the dealer, but you can do it yourself.

Just finished my rear brake job on my 2004 Benz E320 4matic Wagon. I replaced the brake pads and rotor. You will need a Torx T40 to remove two torx bolts for the caliper and 18mm wrench to remove caliper housing in order to get the rotor out.( There is also a small torx bolt holding the rotor( I used a flat screw driver to break it loose) didn't have the right torx. DO NOT open the doors when performing the brake job. Other than that it is very simple and easy.

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Q: How to change rear brakes on 2003 Mercedes e320?
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