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first you have to loosen...not take off...the axle nut in the center of your wheel. next loosen tire nuts. lift car off the ground safely. take off tires. remove brakes. take out screws holding rotor on. when you change these out look up the tourque specs for axle nut and also remember not to touch the rotor aside from the edges as it will cause squeeling for 2 weeks every time you apply the brakes. if you do touch them be sure to clean them off before putting brakes back on. cleaning solution=brake cleaner+lint free terry cloth. also when looking up tourque specs check to see if the axle nut must be replaced as for many cars this is a requirement. good luck.

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Q: How to change rotors on a elentra?
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Remove the wheel, the calipers and the rotors, reverse procedure with new rotors.

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To change rear rotors on a 2001 Jetta, raise the vehicle with a jack. Then remove the wheel and the calipers. Finally, pull of the rear rotors.?æ?æ

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