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How to change the 2000 Chevy Impala blower?


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If it is anything like the 01 it is located under the glove box. Remove plastic cover panel by pushing in on the two clips and dropping it down. On my 01 there was a plastic clip back towards the motor a little. Just pull down and it should release. I also removed the door to the glove box to add visibility. There is three screws holding to the shroud. There was also a wiring harness clip that I just broke off to get out the way. Better if you can unclip it. It is a pain to access when you weigh 350 and try to get in there.


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There is a removeable panel below the glovebox. It is in front of the blower motor against the firewall. It has a wire connector from the loom and then it plugs into the blower motor

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The 2000 Chevy Impala has a curb weight of 3389 lbs. The vehicle has a towing capacity of 1000 lbs.

Probably every 5000 miles. Or 6 months.

Your blower motor working even after the car is off is a good sign. This means that the car's system is preventing your car from overheating.

According to Automobile online In August 2010, a recall for faulty seat belts and anchorage was announced for the 2000 Impala. Another reason the Chevy 2000 Impala was recalled was problems relating to the suspension.

It is under the dash on the passenger's side.

you need to repleace the blower motor resistor under the das on the passenger side

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The blower motor is under the glove compartment

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i have the 3.4 liter 2000 impala and its up against the top of the firewall towards the middle of the engine

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