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Rear threeTo change spark plug first remove coil over connecting clip ensuring to depress connector release. Next remove coil over retaining bolts. Remove coil over carefully directing coil toward driver side until rubber end able to flex out of sparkplug access tube. Remove sparkplug using sparkplug socket with rubber insert. Had to remove ratchet to gain enough clearance. At this point you should be able to remove sparkplug by tilting extension & socket toward drivers side of car. Then lay horizontal & remove toward passenger side of car. If unable to gain access in this manner you probably have too long an extension. Take care as not to damage spark plug coil over as they are considerably expensive.

The previous answer does not, unfortunately, cover the qustion of access to the back three plugs which are located in a confined space below the intake manifold in front of the firewall. If there are two metal brackets located either side of the back of the intake manifold, these need to be loosened or removed so that you can get your hand around the back. Also, the grounding wire needs to be removed from the manifold on the right side. Apparently, the plug wires pull straight out on the back three and you can use an extension socket for the plug itself. You don't need to remove the intake manifold on some models, but you will be operating partially blind. YouTube has a video on this for a similar model .

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Q: How to change the 3 rear spark plugs for the 2000 Toyota Avalon you cannot get the one on the right from the passenger direction out because it is blocked by the firewall when pulling plastic out?
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