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There are a couple of ways to do it, cuz I did mine. So you can either take unscrew the bolts of the intake and pull it back, you have to disconnet hoses and intake air duct too, then unscrew the bolts of the rail assembly, i think there are two on the rail assembly, then unscrew the small screw on the left (your left, looking at the engine) just above the rail assembly, don't take off, this just relieves the pressure so the injectors won't spit when u wiggle them out, after that there out, unclip injector from electrical clip that sits on top, check the o-ring on top of injector and the seal that sits in the manifold, make sure there snug, then wiggle back in rail(thing all injectors are on), the put back togeather. OR you can remove the metal support that holds the cords of the accelerator, and unscrew just the rail screws, and if you have skinny fingers, wiggle it out, and proceed as above, that way you don't have to take off the intake, saves a whole bunch of time.

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Q: How to change the fuel injector for Nissan Stanza 92?
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