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If I knew what the vehicle was I could tell you around where to find everything. Anyway. All you have to do is take the drain plug out, let the oil drain, use a filter wrench and take off the oil filter (make sure the filter is turning counterclockwise). Make sure the gasket (the ring on the bottom of the oil filter is not stuck on where you took it off (there will be a big mess later if it is). Some oil will come out of there so have an oil pan ready (on some vehicle it can be up to a litre behind the filter). When you put the new filter one, put some clean oil on the gasket (so it won't stick when it comes off in the next oil change) and start screwing it on clockwise. When you feel the gasket hit the base, give it 3/4 to a full turn depending on how loose it feels (no more because it will be hard to get off) mark it if you have to. Put the drain plug in and tighten 'till snug and give a pull (don't keep yanking it, you could strip the threads and the drain plug will drip). If you aren't sure how much oil goes in, start with 4 litres. (unless it's a Honda, some may only take 3.4 litres). Start it up to let the oil fill the filter up. Shut it off and take out the oil dipstick. If it's to the full mark, it's good. If it's under add more a little at a time. If ther is nothing on the dipstick, check to see if you plug is on and your filter isn't leaking. If it's all fine, add more oil. When you check the oil level on the dipstick, take it out once, wipe it off, put it back in all the way, pull it out and that should be your reading. If it's iffy, do it again until it looks clear. That's all. If you tell me what kind of vehicle it is it would make it easier. I hope I helped.

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Q: How to change the oil?
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