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Auto-supply stores usually sell replacement wiper-inserts. To replace them you must first get the wipers to stop in the UPWARD position. To do this, turn on the windshield-wipers. Then turn off the ignition (WITHOUT first turning off the wipers). Repeat this until the wipers are in an accessible position. Then look at the wipers closely. You will see (at one end) a locking tab that sticks out. With a pair of pliers, unlock that tab and pull the insert all the way out of the wiper arm. To install the new insert, reverse the procedure. -- I have found that it is easier to just replace the bow-type part of the wiper-arm (which comes complete with a new insert). These usually are universal-fit and come complete with instructions.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-22 22:25:51
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Q: How to change wiper blades and or inserts on 1988 Lincoln Town Car The inserts are ripped at one end?
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