How to charge a dc battery with ac output?

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The best way to charge a battery from an AC source is to use a high-quality commercial battery charger that is of the correct voltage and charging profile for your battery. By "charging profile," I mean a charger that is matched to the battery's chemistry and amp-hour capacity. WARNING: Not every type of battery is rechargeable, and even rechargeable batteries can do nasty things if they are not charged properly. If you are not sure you have the right charger, please ask someone for help.

If you want to make your own charger, the answer to "how" depends upon the AC source, the kind of battery, and how "good" a charger you want to make.

At a minimum, you need some kind of rectification of your AC power. Your battery will tend to discharge during the part of the cycle where it is not reverse-biased, so you will need something like a diode to make sure the battery can't drain itself back into the charging circuit. Cheap chargers for car batteries, for example, are sometimes nothing more than a transformer (to convert the mains voltage down to something suitable for the battery) and a rectifier (two or four diodes).

More sophisticated charger circuits are used to maximize battery life (heat from recharging can damage batteries, so charging circuits use various strategies to control the heat) and to provide the appropriate charging profile for the battery chemistry. You'll see a pretty dramatic shortening of the life of your batteries if you don't use a specialized circuit to charge some kinds of batteries. For this reason, you may want to use a commercial charger. If you really want to build a charger, try to get a kit or build from a known-good circuit.
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If your charging a dc battery and reverse the leads what will happen to the battery A- trickle charge B- drain or discharge C- explode?

Answer . Both B and C. DC is polarity specific, by reversing polarity with a charger you are causing current to flow backwards through the battery (internal) this could cause the electrolyte to heat up giving off a gas that expands and could eventually cause the battery to explode or just crack ( Full Answer )

How do you charge battery with ac power supply I have a 12 volt dc battery and im trying to charge it with a power supply rated at 0-40 volts 0-5 amps?

You should charge the battery with the proper battery charger.. The battery charger should list what types of batteries, voltages, and charge rates (amps) it is compatible with. Make sure this matches the information on the battery to be charged.. Using the incorrect battery charger can cause ba ( Full Answer )

Is the output voltage of a megger DC or AC?

Megger is a generic term for High Potential tester. It is the name of a company that produces these testers.. They are available in AC or AC/DC models. So it depends on which one you have.

Would AC or DC be better to use when charging a mobile phone to make a call?

Answer: DC. Explanation: A mobile phone is powered by a battery. A battery stores electric charge. When wires connect the two terminals ['+' terminal and '-' terminal], then a current will flow through the wire from the '+' terminal to the '-' terminal. The electric circuits that operate the c ( Full Answer )

How do you convert from dc battery to ac power?

If you don't know how to do this, then you shouldn't be doing it. Hire a qualified electrician. To get AC out of a DC supply, you must use an inverter . This is a special type of circuit that produces a sinusoidal wave. They are available in sizes ranging mW to MW. I can't buy the high-power ( Full Answer )

Device-the specs say that it needs 6v 4aa batteries or an ac adapter with 4.5v dc output why is there this difference 6v and 4.5 apart from the obvious that the device manufacturers set?

ANSWER . Near the end of battery life, "1.5V" batteries can droop to about 1.1V, but still have some life left. (The curves are very different for different battery chemistries, so this is not always the case.). In other words, with a 4.5V adapter, the internal regulator works fine. With four batt ( Full Answer )

Can a DC to AC inverter with 230 VAC output voltage be connected to an AC to AC inverter to get 3 phase 460 VAC output voltage from a 720 VDC battery pack at 60 amps?

It would make no sense even if you could find a DC-AC inverter with an input voltage of 720V. The efficiency would be horrible and the bulk of the equipment would be impractical.. The voltage your motor expects is 460 VRMS. This translates to a peak voltage of 650V (1300V peak-to-peak). Your batter ( Full Answer )

In a 6 pulse bridge rectifier there is an ac voltage when measured between one of the output dc terminal and the ground how do you avoid this ac voltage?

When using a 6 pulse you can't avoid the AC component in your DC voltage. You have to filter it out, use capacitors ! what is the that AC voltage,... It may depend on how the 6 pulse bridge is feed,.. if its feed by a wye transformer and the neutral is grounded, you will see some fraction of tha ( Full Answer )

Microphone gives dc or ac output?

Microphone gives ac output. Microphone converts sound energy to electrical energy. Due to vibration of Carbon diaphragm the resistance varies so that the amplitude of current varies. That is not entirely true. A microphone element produces a very small DC sine wave output, all of it above the z ( Full Answer )

How do you charge battery on a Honda 2003 ace?

Remove the battery from under the driver's seat. Connect it to asmall battery charger suitable for motorbikes. Connect the leads tothe terminals. Charge until the meter on the charger shows that thebattery is fully charged.

Can you change a DC charge into an AC charge?

DC current is changed into AC current in typical automotive power inverters. These power inverters are used to power AC accessories like TVs and video games using the cigarette lighter outlet in an automobile.

What is the output voltage of a generator is it a DC or an ac?

A basic generator always creates an AC current, but somegenerators take the AC current and converts it to DC, such as acar's alternator to charge your battery. A DC current can also beconverted into AC power, such as a car equipped with a householdoutlet. . ADDED: It's not the alternator itself tha ( Full Answer )

Why can not you store AC power in battery like DC power?

Because acis of changing polarity. It means the positive terminal becomes negative and vice versa... And this happens 60 times a second! So if we want store this, the terminals of the battery should be changed at the same speed as that of the supply which is not practicable ( and in theory it can be ( Full Answer )

What is the output of current transduceris it ac or dc?

The output of a current transformer is AC. Current transducers have added built-in circuitry to convert the AC current into a standard process output. It is DC, although it may be current or voltage. Some standard transducer output ranges are:. 0-10 VDC . 0-5 VDC . 0-1 VDC . 2-10 VDC . 1-5 ( Full Answer )

How can you reduce the voltage from a 120volt ac input 24volt dc output to 120volt ac input 12 volt dc output?

\nA number of ways. Assuming a typical DC power supply you could:\n. \n1) Increase the turns ratio (n) on the transformer. 120 to 24 is roughly 5:1 ratio. Making that a 10:1 ratio would provide 12V. #2 below would be required as well.\n. \n2) Change the voltage regulator. Whether it be a zener ( Full Answer )

Will a battery produce AC or DC and why?

\nBatteries produce DC because the potential difference is determined by the chemical reaction inside the battery. This voltage is constant.

Is car battery ac or DC volts?

Batteries by definition have to be DC. While u can convert DC toAC, with a device called an Inverter, none is built into a carbattery. and chances are your car doesn't even have an Inverteranywhere in it. so car is DC. in addition modern cars use 12 volts,and for the record, AC and DC are not a "typ ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to charge a 12 volt 150 AH DC battery?

The charging time will depend on how much of a charge was left in the battery and on the charger you use to charge the battery. The more energy you have to put back in it, the longer it will take for a given charger. And some chargers will be able to deliver more current than others. This will resul ( Full Answer )

Output equation for ac and dc machines?

An AC motor is an electric motor driven by an alternating current. It commonly consists of two basic parts, an outside stationary stator having coils supplied with alternating current to produce a rotating magnetic field, and an inside rotorattached to the output shaft that is given a torque by th ( Full Answer )

Voltage frequency inverter dc or ac output?

An inverter changes a d.c. input to an a.c. output. Inverter is a device to change low volt DC to high volt AC 12 Dc to 220 Ac volt So many type of inverter of watts 500 watt 1000 watt 5000 watt

How do you charge a battery in a 2002 Honda Shadow Ace?

Check the electrolyte levels and fill up if necessary with batteryfluid. Hook battery up with a charger. Begin with 12 Volts and lowamperage, 2 Amps, then increase to 3 or 4 amps. Battery should befully charged in 4-6 hours.

Ac to dc adaptor as car battery charger?

Not such a hot idea. Car batteries can draw a lot of current, far more than the average AC/DC adapter would be able to deliver. If the adapter survives that it hasn't got the circuitry to know when to stop charging, which can damage the battery.

How long does it take to charge a 12 volt AC battery?

All batteries produce Direct current. there are no AC batteries. to charge a battery you need a DC Charger that produces a voltage that is slightly greater that the voltage of the battery. Not all batteries are designed to be recharged but the ones used in cars and trucks have large lead/acid 12vdc ( Full Answer )

Why does a battery give DC and Not AC?

The voltage between the two electrodes of the battery depends on the redox reactions going on at the electrodes. The overall reactions stay the same, so the electromotive force stays about the same too. The electromotive force is however dependent on the concentration of the reactants the electrolyt ( Full Answer )

What does AC-DC conversion and battery charging mean?

The voltage in your house is AC. It is in the form of a sine wave that goes positive and negative 60 times a second. To charge a battery you need DC so you do an AC to DC conversion and then apply the DC to the battery charging circuit that applies the correct charging current to the battery and che ( Full Answer )

How a Seminar on Why can not you store AC power in battery like DC power?

WE can not change the AC power because AC power has two magnitudes one positive and the another one is negative.when we store the AC power in positive half cycle it store the energy and in the negative half cycles it discharge the energy so it is not possible for store the AC power like DC power

How can you reduce the voltage from a 220volt ac input 24volt dc output to 220volt ac input 12 volt dc output?

A: The easier way is to step down with a transformer to 30 volts AC rectify it and add a regulator like LM117 to get to 24volts then add a second LM117 to get to 12 volts. Now both are good up to one amp. Th other way is to design PDM and get both voltages. This will be simpler and less bulky but no ( Full Answer )

Can you charge battery from ac?

No, it must be charged with a battery charger plugged into 120 volts AC which converts it to 12 volts DC.

Why does AC voltage gives a electric shock and DC sources like car battery do not?

The thing that determines whether you get an electric shock is the voltage. whether the source is AC or DC is not determinant. Car batteries are usually 12v, which is not sufficient to drive a current through your skin. The voltage of Mains electricity at 110 or 220 volts on the other hand is easily ( Full Answer )

Why is output dc higher than input ac?

Output power can never be more than input power. With a transformer, it is possible to increase the output current (while decreasing the output voltage), or to decrease the output current (while increasing the output voltage).

How much ac power is in your 12v dc battery?

Your 12v car battery is rated at around 40 ampere-hours. That means the energy stored is 12 x 40 or 480 watt-hours approximately. That is 0.48 kilowatt-hours, or just under half a unit of electrical power.

How do you disable battery charge while on AC power?

The only way to stop the batteries charging on AC power if they need charging is to remove the batteries, if possible. Most tablets cannot do this. On an Apple iPad, plugging the USB cable in to a iPhone charger will show 'Not Charging' on the screen, since it cannot provide enough current to charge ( Full Answer )

Does ac dc mean it can run on battery or plug into wall?

AC - Alternating Current, same thing that comes out of a wall socket DC - Direct Current, batteries. When a device has AC/DC on its name plate, it can work off either of the two voltages. Many portable radios have this function. When the radio is plugged into AC, the voltage is transformed ( Full Answer )

How do you wire 12 volt ac to charge 12 volt dc?

You need a rectifier diode to make the current flow in one direction only, and a resistor to limit the current if you are charging something like a car battery. The diode needs to carry the charging current in amps, might be up to 10-15 amps. A bridge rectifier is better than a simple diode.

Does a charged capacitor block DC or AC or both?

It blocks DC or it wouldn't be charged. It passes AC through it to ground or it wouldn't filter. But in the early days charged electrolytic capacitors were used as rectifiers or AM detectors.

Can you charge car battery using 110V AC outlet?

Only if you have a battery charger connected to that 110 volt AC outlet. If you are thinking about connecting live AC current directly to the battery post forget it. That would more than likely cause the battery to explode.

Why we cant' store AC in batteries instead of DC?

Because a battery works by the chemical action of the electrolyteon the plates. The process works slowly, and it works with aconstant potential, which is inherently DC.

Can you charge a 120 volt DC battery pack with 120 volt ac current?

No! and you might have a nasty fire with sulphuric acid spillingeverwhere. A battery pack is always DC and it must always be charged with DC.It must also have a device for limiting the charging current, andgood chargers also cut the charging current off when the rightvoltage is reached.