How to check and add transmission fluid to manual 93 ford escort?

Transaxle Fluid Level Check The transaxle fluid level should be checked only after the vehicle has been parked on level ground for some time. 1. Be sure the vehicle is on level ground and apply the parking brake. 2. Disconnect the electrical connector from the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS). 3. Disconnect the speedometer cable from the VSS. 4. Remove the retaining bolt and pry out the VSS. 5. Check the fluid level as shown. In the service manual figure shown full level at the upper border of VSS gear and low level at the bottom border of the VSS gear 6. If necessary, add transaxle fluid as explained in this section. 6.1 Place a funnel into the VSS mounting hole. 6.2 Add the specified transaxle fluid until the "full" level on the VSS is reached. Installation 7. Install the VSS. 8. Install the VSS bolt and tighten it to 8-12 N-m (69-104 lb-in). 9. Connect the speedometer cable. 10. Connect the electrical connector.