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How to check transmission linkage?


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2012-05-02 17:42:25
2012-05-02 17:42:25

First you want to inspect where the linkage starts. It starts at the shift lever, so start there. you want to be looking for excessive slack, worn or frayed cables and fittings, corrosion and broken parts (obviously). If any of these exist, it might be just a matter of swapping it out for a new one. Just make sure before you go pulling on it you put the parking brake on or put some wheel chalks behind and in front of the wheels...


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Can be a linkage problem check linkage that goes form transmission to shift the vehicle

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Check fluid level with engine warm in park, also check linkage from shifter to transmission casing.

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You can get a diagram for a 4 speed transmission linkage on a Corvette in the car's owner's manual. You can also check with different auto stores.

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Check the fluid level. Check the linkage. Check all computers for trouble codes.

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The transmission linkage connects the shifting the lever in the passenger compartment to the shifting lever on the transmission. You will find the shifting linkage on the side of the transmission.

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