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How to cope with child afraid of storms?


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By asking this question you sure brought back childhood memories for me. When there were bad storms or thunder and lightening my mother always told me that God was bowling and getting strikes! LOL The best thing to do is educate your child as to why the storms occur and that nothing will happen to them and you are there with them. If they prefer sleeping with you during a storm or sleeping on the couch when they actually should be in bed while you are watching TV then let the child do so. By doing this you give them confidence. Children react to the reactions of their parents so if you act frightened of the storm your child will sense this. If you are calm, put a little music on and start singing songs together and assure your child and let them know you are close by then they will eventually get over the fear of storms. I know that electricity can go out. I live in British Columbia, Canada so when we know a storm is brewing we plug in a small electric generator and when the lights go out we can plug in a kettle, a lamp, or play music. Keep a battery operated radio in your home as well. Put some candles out in little lanterns around the house. Be sure your child is well away from them and don't leave candles sitting on tables where your young ones can get their little hands on them.