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You would need to know the weakest point in the power distribution and you'd need to know the peak and nominal current draw in Amperes. If it's a device that uses a surge of current at startup but only a fraction of that during normal operation, you would need a "slow-blow" fuse. If the current draw is consistent you would need a conventional fuse. Still have no idea what the "head unit" is that you're trying to fuse.

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2006-04-10 16:41:20
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Q: How to determine the correct fuse for your head unit if you do not know the correct amplitude of the fuse how to calculate?
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What is the correct formula to calculate a fuse rating?

watts Divided by Volts = amps

How do you decide on the correct fuse for an appliance?

The correct size fuse is determine by the size wire used in that circuit. In a kitchen you would use AWG # 12 wire which requires the use of a 20 amp fuse. An electric cloths dryer would require AWG # 10 wire with a 30 amp fuse. The fuse or breaker always corresponds to the size wire not the appliance being used.

How do you change car lighter fuse?

Open fuse box, locate correct fuse using the fuse diagram, and replace the blown fuse.

How do you disable fuel pump on 91 Toyota Camry you have fuse box diagram but can't find correct fuse Fuse for ignition system?

find correct fuse for 2003 Toyota Camry XLE for ignition system

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What DVM setting do you determine if a fuse is good?

Continuity setting.

Can i use a normal fuse if it fits in a 1998 VW Beetle?

Replace a blown fuse with the correct fuse that it calls for. There is a reason the manufacturer put it in there.

What would happen if you put a 3A fuse in for kettle which is 13A?

The fuse will blow as soon as you turn it on. Use the correct fuse and nothing else.

Can you use a 250v 15 amp fuse for a 125v 15 amp?

Use the correct fuse and nothing else.

Where is the horn fuse?

Normally it's located under the hood in the fuse box next to the battery. Under the cover should tell you which fuse is the correct one.

How can a person determine the maximum voltage that can pass through a fuse?

Read the label.

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