How to disable annoying key reminder chime noise telling you key is in ignition and driver's side door is open in a 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback?

The chime is located in the instrument panel on these model Legacys. Remove the cluster outer ring 4 screws. Then remove the instrument cluster by removing another 4 screws and the 5 wire connectors on the back side. On the back side of the cluster is the circuit board and indicator lamps. On the left side, next to the fuel gauge, is two solder points marked BZ+ and BZ-. These are the connections to the chime. Take a screw driver or exacto knife and scratch out the connection to BZ+. The chime is now deactivated. Before you put the cluster back in, take this time to replace any indicator bulbs not working. Reconnect the wiring and re-attach the instrument panel.