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How to eliminate mites on house plants?

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2009-02-26 00:55:08

Mites on plants: Wipe them down with diluted alcohol once a

week. Mites hate moisture, don't allow plants to stay dry all the

time, it's real difficult to kill all of them but you can control

them. I controled them on African violets by misting with tepid

water twice a day, also Neem oil is very good because it smuthers

the tiny mites. New ones hatch out in 5 to 10 days so you'll need

to continue this until they are controled. Spray with neem oil

every five days. You can purchase Neem II by Green Light from

hardware store or online. Or purchase 100% Neem oil online, a

Organic supplier. You can also, wash you plant off in the sink with

a fairly strong stream of water for the first treatment.

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