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There are various ways to empty diesel out of a tank that has water in it in a Golf car. You can use the access panel which is located under the rear passenger seat to remove the fuel from the tank.Ê

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Weight of a diesel ford excursion?

8,900 pounds....empty diesel fuel tank

How to i get the Water from my diesel tank?

If you are talking about a diesel tank on a vehicle, you can buy an additive that will mix with the water and let it burn ff. to remove water from a diesel tank, you can buy an alcohol fuel additive that will dissipate the water other remedy is to dump all fuel and water from the tank if the tank has a drain plug,or syphon all out till tank is empty bear in mind tho, that all diesel has water, and usually the water will go to water trap at fuel filter in normal running of the engine,and there should be a valve on this trap to dump the water, usually this has to be done manually

Will having a full tank of diesel help your car start in the winter?

Yes if your tank is empty but not if it has some diesel in it, But not if your car runs on gasoline.

How does water react with diesel in a tank?

The water sinks and pools at the bottom of the tank

What to do if you have put regular unleaded gas in a diesel engine?

Empty your tank out, drain the fuel lines, as the gasoline will damage your diesel engine.

How do you empty the water tank in elemental workshop 2 in runescape?

To empty the water tank encountered during the Elemental Workshop sequels, it's important to note that there are in fact two water valves. You will need to rotate both water valves found near the tank in order to fill and empty the tank.

If you remove 7 gallons a day from a 65 gallon water tank how long will it take you to empty the tank?

9.2 days to empty the tank.

Can you put gas in a diesel gas can?

You can put petrol (UK spelling) into a diesel container (can) provided the container is empty. It is best not to, though, in case you later empty the petrol into a diesel vehicle's tank by mistake - which could happen if the container happens to be marked diesel on the outside of the container.

What do you call an aquarium without water?

An empty Tank.

How do you kill mosquitoes in an empty fish tank?

-Insecticide. -If you mean empty of fish but full of water, that's asking for trouble. Drain the tank.

How many miles should a 1.9 diesel 2oo1 vw golf be doing with a full tank?

around 630

A water tank has a mass of 3.64kg when empty and a mass of 51.8kg when filled to a certain level What is the mass of the water in the tank?


What to do if water get in your diesel truck fuel tank?

The most effective way is to drain the fuel tank completely and then refill it with diesel fuel, add a bottle of methelated spirits to the fuel tank to ensure the water is no longer there, the metho breaks down the water particles and allows them to be burnt with the diesel, also change your fuel filter, as it can hold water, also the tank can become rusted /corroded due to the water being inside,

Sugar water and diesel was put in my gas tank is it ruined?

Sugar water and diesel that is put in a fuel tank will ruin a cars engine. The sugar will sit for a few days before recognition, and the diesel could potentially be caught in the fuel filter.

How many Kilometers on an empty tank for Vw golf?

Through measured driving, changing gear at 2000rpm, you can manage 62km.

Can a spider kill a fish in an empty tank?

It is obvious, because a fish cannot live without water and will die. Then, the spider can get in the empty tank and bite the fish.

Why does a submarine can sink and float in water?

because the submarine has the water tank.when the tank is filled then submarine sink in the water.and when the tank is empty then submarine float in water.

Can you clean an empty fish tank with vinegar?

That will NOT CLEAN your tank empty or not.

What can cause a 96 dodge ram 3500 diesel not to get diesel?

An empty fuel tank A defective fuel pump A plugged fuel filter Damaged fuel lines A week injector pump

Difference between diesel and fuel oil?

Sulfer & water content....and if it's off road diesel fuel - the color. It won't cause problems to use diesel in a heating oil tank, but it will cause a whole lot of trouble if you use heating oil in a diesel tank

How do you drain a Nissan Micra diesel tank?

oooh, put petrol in?? nice! You can either remove the tank and empty it by tipping it out of the filler neck, or you can siphen it, by doing this though you wont get all the fuel out. If you have put unleaded in, i suggest you take the tank off and make sure you get all the diesel out, although diesel isn't as harmful to a petrol system as petrol is to diesel. Make sure you fill the tank fully once you have refit the talk to dilute the remaining petrol as much as possible.

How many miles on a tank of diesel fuel on a ford f250?

that depends on your foot and weather the truck is loaded or pulling. empty i get around 300. mine is short wheel base and i have the small tank

What does a golf ball do to a gas tank?

It puts a golf ball in a gas tank. i think...

How clean a tank with sodium chloride deposit?

Fill with water, maintain 2-3 days, stir, empty the tank; wash again with hot water.

How do submarines float and sink in water?

a submarine has a water tank. when the tank is filled then submarine sink in the water. and when the tank is empty then submarine float in water. use the formula density= mass / volume as mass increases(when the tank is full of water), the density of the submarine increases and it submerge into the water and vice versa.

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