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Cubic feet of space? If we restrict our discussion to objects that have rectangular cross-sections, then the volume (V) of the figures will be their length (L) times their width (W) times their height (H). V=LWH. If the object is a cube, then L = W = H = L3 and L = the cube root of the volume. In your case the cube root of 5 is about 1.7 ft. ----------------------------------------------------------- This is not nessasaraly to perfect answer to the questio but it is a start

2008-08-17 21:55:14
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What is the derivative of x raised to one half?

You use the same power formula which you use for other powers of x, so the derivate is (1/2)x-1/2. This is the same as 1 / (2 times square root of x).

Formula for square miles into square yards?

Formula: square miles x 3,097,600 = square yards.

What is the formula for length of a square?

The length of a square is not determined by a formula, it is determined by measuring the square.

What is the formula for converting square inches to square centimeters?

Formula: square inches x 6.4516 = square centimeters

How Formula square inches to square feet?

Use this formula to convert from square inches to square feet, : square inches x 0.00694 = square feet

What is the area formula for a square?

The formula for the area of a square is s2 (sides squared)

What is the formula for the area of a square and rectangle?

The formula is for a square and rectangle is A=bh or A=lw

Why do you square a number in a mathematical formula?

A formula is something which shows a relationship between two or more things. A formula will contain variables and may also contain constants too and it tells us the relationship between them. The answer to the question is that you square a number if, and only if, the relationship between the variables (or constants) requires the number to be squared. For example in the famous formula e = mc2 , here we must square the constant, the speed of light in a vacuum (c), in order to calculate energy (e). It has to be squared because that constitutes the relationship between the values and there is no option to ignore that.

Differences between a numeric value and a formula?

A formula is used to find the numeric value of an answer. For example: pi*radius2 = area of a circle in square units

Formula for 3D dimension to square meter?

what is the formula for finding a 3 dimensional square

What is the formula to convert square feet to feet?

The formula is feet=square root of sq.feet

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There is no formula for the square root of a number, unfortunately.

What is the formula for finding the the area of a square?

The formula for the area of a square is: A=2S, where A=area S= length of one side of the square

FORMULA- area of square?

The formula will depend on what information is available.

What is the formula of computing square?

formula for computing square of number n is n*n or n2

What is the correct formula for calculating area of a square?

Any formula that generates a correct solution every time is a 'correct' formula.Here's a formula for the area of a square that qualifies as a correct one:If 'S' is the length of each side of the square, then the area 'A' of the square isA = S2

FORMULA- area of a square?

side squared

What is the formula for the distance between 2 points?

square root of: (X2 - X1)2+ (Y2 -Y1)2

What are the formula the area of the square?

The area of the square is:(sidexside)

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Square feet don't fit in the correct formula for shoes.

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The formula for the perimeter of a square is P equals 4 times a. 'P' represents the perimeter, and 'a' represents a side of the square.

Formula for measuring square yard of carpet?

The formula for determining square yards is... length times width divided by 9 = square yards

What is the formula to calculate square foot?

Square feet measure area. The formula will depend on what you want to know the area of.

Square meters to square miles?

Formula: square meters divided by 2,590,000 = square miles

Square feet into square meters?

Formula: square feet x 0.0929 = square meters