How to find check engine codes on a 92 Honda accord?

To locate the codes that are stored in the ECM you will need to locate the plug on the passenger side, under the kick panel. Where the passengers right foot would be, down below the glove compartment on the side in front of the door. There will be a plastic kick panel, it matches the interior of the car, just pry that off, as it is only held on by clips. It is a two wire connector, you need to place a jumper wire from one side to the next (a paper clip will work nicely), turn the key to "run" or "on" not start it...then count flashes of the engine light on the dash as mentioned above. Codes remain the same. A long flash equals 10. A short flash equals 1. So if you get 4 long flashes that would equal 40.Three short flashes would equal 3. Four long flashes + three short flashes = code 43. you may have multiple codes stored in the ECM and will repeat themselves over and over, the will be a pause in between codes. Here is a listing of the codes:Code 0 and 11 Electronic Control Module (ECM)Code1 Heated oxygen sensor ACode 2 Oxygen content BCode 3 and 5 Manifold Absolute PressureCode 4 Crank position sensorCode 6 Engine coolant temperatureCode 7 Throttle position sensorCode 8 Top dead center sensorCode 9 No.1 cylinder position sensorCode 10 Intake air temperature sensorCode 12 Exhaust recirculation systemCode 13 Barometric pressure sensorCode 14 Idle air control valve or bad ECMCode 15 Ignition output signalCode 16 Fuel InjectorCode 17 Vehicle speed sensorCode 19 A/T lock-up control solenoidCode 20 Electric load detectorCode 21 V-TEC control solenoidCode 22 V-TEC pressure solenoidCode 23 Knock sensorCode 30 A/T FI signal ACode 30 A/T FI signal BCode 41 Heated oxygen sensor heaterCode 43 Fuel supply systemCode 45 Fuel supply meteringCode 48 Heated oxygen sensorCode 61 Front heated oxygen sensorCode 63 Rear heated oxygen sensorCode 65 Rear heated oxygen sensor heaterCode 67 Catalytic converter systemCode 70 Automatic transaxleCode 71 Misfire detected cylinder 1Code 72 Misfire detected cylinder 2Code 73 Misfire detected cylinder 3Code 74 Misfire detected cylinder 4Code 75 Misfire detected cylinder 5Code 76 Misfire detected cylinder 6Code 80 Exhaust recirculation systemCode 86 Coolant temperatureCode 92 Evaporative emission control system"