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okay first of all..

if shes your sister..

then you should know her last name.

i think your a stalker-sort-of-person.

maybe you should just drive your little rape-wagon over to Germany..

and look her up?


eh, im just throwing some ideas out! :]

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Neither Lisa nor her sister have made a decision yet?

Neither Lisa, nor her sister have made a decision yet.

What is the web address of the Sister Bay Historical in Sister Bay Wisconsin?

The web address of the Sister Bay Historical is:

How do you address a Sister who is a Catholic nun?

, Sister (their name).......................

Did Lizzie Borden or her sister ever have children?

No, she never got married and neither did her sister.

When the rule is that with either-or and neither-nor you must say Neither my sister nor I am going Does anyone really say that?

Yes! The verb agrees with the subject it is closer to. You would not want to say "Neither my sister nor I is going." If you don't like having the verb agree with one subject but not the other, you could say, "I am not going, nor is my sister," or "I am not going, and neither is my sister."

Who is Germany little sister in Phineas and Ferb?

You probably meant Jeremy not Germany. You might have mistaked it as Germany, but it is Jeremy. Jeremy's little sister is named Suzy.

Is it legal to marry your sister in law's sister?

As long as neither of you are married to someone else, in most jurisdictions it is legal to marry the sister of your sister-in-law.

What the relationship is your sister's father-in-law's sister to you?

Your sister's father-in-law is not related to you and neither is his sister.

What is charmed sister email address?

Charmed Sister email adress is

What is the sister city of germantown Ohio?

Marktheidenfeld, Germany

How are you related to your dad's sister's husband's sister's son?

Your dad's sister is your aunt. Her husband is your uncle. His sister is not related to you, and neither is her son.

Which the veronicas sister are lesbian?

Neither is a lesbian. Jess is bi or bi-curious

Can brother and sister in laws date?

Yes, as long as neither is still married.

Did Jamie Lynn Spears write her own song?

no she didnt... neither did her sister.

Would you use meters or grams to weigh your baby sister?

Neither. Pounds

Where is the Sister Bay Historical in Sister Bay Wisconsin located?

The address of the Sister Bay Historical is: Po Box 34, Sister Bay, WI 54234

The community of Bingen has a sister city in what European country?

Bingen, Washington's sister city is Bingen, Germany.

How do you address a female reverend and her husband?

sister & brother.

To whom does Robert Walton address his letters?

his sister

What is Keyshia Cole's sister Neffe website and or email address?

what is keyshia cole sister neffe website?

Was kato a roman or greek god?

i think neither she is the sister of phoycs the son of gaea

Why did Elizabeth I put her sister in jail?

Neither Elizabeth I or II put a sister in jail. I wonder if you are thinking of the imprisonment of Mary Queen of Scots by Elizabeth I ...

Address of amrita roa?

Answerit is true that amrita roa has twin sister?umm i dont think she has a twin sister

What do you call to your husband's younger sister?

Your husband's younger sister is your sister-in-law. His older sister is also your sister-in-law. In English, we do not distinguish between the two. However, when speaking to your sister-in-law, you do not address her by that title, but merely call her by name.

How can your sister write the tooth fairy?

just address the letter to "the tooth fairy", the post office will know her address!