How to find out what someone did to receive the bronze star in Worls War II?

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Its probably not going to be easy. The Bronze Star could be awarded for either valor, or "meritorious service". If the award was for valor, the medal came with a small bronze "V device" to be worn on the ribbon of the Medal.

Any citation for valor was accompanied by a citation, a written statement of what the soldier did to earn his medal. A copy of this was placed in the soldier's personnel file. 90% of WWII personnel files burned up in a fire in the warehouse in St. Louis, where the government had them stored, in 1973. You might get lucky and the file of the soldier you are interested in might be unburned. You can obtain a copy from the National Archives. Go to for details.

Another copy of the citation would be retained in the papers of the soldier's unit. These are also in the National Archives, but you would almost certainly have to visit the records repository in Suitland, Maryland and ferret this out yourself.

To keep up morale on the homefront the Army (and other service branches) had public relations specialists. These individuals stayed busy sending "good news" back to the hometown newspapers of the soldiers in the news, including usually sending a copy of Medal citations to the decorated soldier's hometown paper. If you know where the soldier was from, and are there yourself today, you could try the public library or the newspaper office and see if they have the war years of the paper on microfilm. Unless you can narrow down the time frame involved, this could take a long time, and you might be tempted to skim through and miss the citation. That is, if the newspaper printed it. Many, if not most newspapers did, though, word for word.

Another new army award for WWII was the Combat Infantryman's Badge (CIB). This is about four inches long and a half inch tall, a metal pin, with a blue enamel field with a rifle-musket on it. Its worn above the ribbons of all other medals, except that for the Medal of Honor. To get the CIB in WWII, you had to be an actual combat infantryman. Not just in an infantry division, but in one of the "letter" companies of the division which did the actual foot-soldier fighting. After the war was over the army decided that any man who earned the CIB in WWII was also entitled to the Bronze Star Medal. Most WWII civilian-soldiers were discharged by the time the army decided this, and many never knew of the decision or never bothered to write for their Medal. This mass awarding of the Bronze Star Medal was for "meritorious service", so, no "V device".
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What were the requirements and protocol for the receiving the Individual Bronze Star in World War 2?

Answer . \nHere is an item of interest to WWII combat infantrymen and combat medics concerning awarding of the Bronze Star Medal.\n. \nAfter General Omar Bradley became Chief of Staff of the U. S. Army, he announced that he felt combat infantrymen and medics of WWII deserved something more than ( Full Answer )

Who were some of the Bronze Star winners in World War 2?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nJ. S. Croft\nCompany K, 349 Infantry\nMachine Gunner 604\n. \nListed citations are: Bronze Star 88th Infantry, Good Conduct, and Europen African Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon w/ three bronze battle stars\n. \n Answer \n. \nS/Sgt Newton F. Cole, Jr. \nBattery B, ( Full Answer )

How can you find out if a person was awarded the Bronze Star?

Answer . \nGo to the National Archives web site and read the instructions on the requirements to obtain military records:\n. \n\n. \nThey are pretty efficient and can send copies in a few weeks.

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Is there a list of World War 2 Bronze Star winners?

No, there is not. Answer One of the first women to receive The Bronze Star was 1Lt Cordelia E. Cook, Army Nurse Corps, during WWII in Italy. Lt Cook was also awarded The Purple Heart. Answer My father, John Francis Rice, passed away on 06/18/2005 at the age of 87. In his papers we found h ( Full Answer )

Who received the bronze star in the 45th infantry division in World War 2?

\n. \nTry the "American War Library."\n. \nIf you have a copy of his Discharge papers and you know the General Order that issued the BSM, then you can request a copy of it from the National Archives. If not, they you would have to research the files or hire someone to do this. \n. \nNote, that ( Full Answer )

Where find the List of German pilot die in worl war 1?

It will be difficult to find a full list of pilots, many records were destroyed after the war during the upheavals in Germany and during WW2. If the pilot was an ace (5 kilss) he might be listed over at the Aerodrome, they have an extensive list of Aces from all countries.

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How do you find out what your father received his bronze stars for?

If he's alive, go through his personal papers. The Bronze Star Medal is awarded with a Citation explaining the circumstances. If your dad is dead, find a copy of his Discharge. There is a section on there for awards and decorations. If the Bronze Star is listed there, take the discharge and proof of ( Full Answer )

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How many people have received the bronze star medal?

No list exists. The Bronze Star medal was created in 1944, so it has existed for over 65 years. A time when the US was involved in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq/Afghanistan, to name but a few. Because the medal is awarded for combat and non-combat actions, tens of thousands have been awarded.

Who was the first Black Navy Radioman to receive a Bronze Star?

I think that the First Navy Radioman to receive the Bronze Star was Preston Gaymon, from JCSE Macdill, AFB for services rendered in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He was given this award by Gen Norman Swartzskoff in 1991.

Can you find the reason for your dad receiving the bronze star?

If you look through your dad's personal papers, an award of the Bronze Star Medal would have been accompanied by a Citation Certificate. If you can't find it, look at his discharge. There is a section there saying Awards and Decorations. If Bronze Star is there, take that, along with your dad (or yo ( Full Answer )

Your father was awarded 2 bronze stars during the Korean war He never mentioned anything before he died How would you find out what he did to receive them?

First, confirm he was awarded two Bronze Stars. Look through his personal papers for his discharge. There is an Awards and Decorations section on it. If the Bronze Star is listed, they would have been awarded with a written Citation. Look for those. If neither of these can be located, check for his ( Full Answer )

Can a civilian receive a Bronze Star medal?

No. The Bronze Star Medal is awarded to a member of any of the US Armed Services for "heroic or meritorious achievement or service, not involving aerial flight, while engaged in combat against an enemy or while serving in combat with friendly foreign forces". To correct the previous poster, The ( Full Answer )

Why was Worl War II fought?

The bombing of Pearl Harbor The bombing of Pearl Harbor is what caused America to officially enter the war. I said officially because we had been giving Britain supplies as well as having an air squadron fighting for the Chinese against the Japanese called the Flying Tigers. World War II started wh ( Full Answer )

How many soldiers killed in action during Worl War II?

16,400,000 of suicide\nGermany 2,800,000\nBritain 400,000\nFrance 212,000 dead\nItaly 330,000 dead\nJapan 1,900,000 dead\nChina 4,000,000 dead\nAustralia 23,000 dead\nRomania 500,000 dead\nPoland 400,000 dead\nHangary 300,000 dead\nYugoslavia 300,000 dead\nFinland 100,000 dead\nPhilippines 30,000 de ( Full Answer )

Where would you go to find information on a World War 2 Bronze Star award winner Daniel Edward Bellinger?

If he is deceased and you know his date of death, the obituaries of his local newspaper should have his, along with his WWII service, and mention of receiving the Bronze Star, a medal of some merit. Also, the County Clerk Office may have a copy on file, as many vets were told to do this (I did after ( Full Answer )

Is there a list of bronze stars from World War 2?

As far as I know, there is no list for recipients of the Bronze Star Medal from WWII. The reason for this is, unlike higher awards that are awarded strictly for combat actions (Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Distinguished Service Medal- which have lists of recipients) the Bronze Star M ( Full Answer )

Grandfather fought in the Korean War and his superior recommended him for the Bronze Star Proper paperwork was not filed and he never received it Is there any way to go about researching this?

Written orders, DD214, or plenty of witnesses (officers). If none of those exist...then quite possibly, the the past. Be advised, at least during the Vietnam War the Bronze Star COULD be awarded for "Meritorious" achievement; as well as "Valor." If the BS was awarded for Valor then the "V" ( Full Answer )

What do you have to do to receive a bronze star in the army?

Bronze stars can be awarded for valor. An example would be a soldier who pulls another soldier from a burning vehicle which places his life in danger. Bronze stars can also be awarded for meritorious service which can be nothing more than doing what you are supposed to do. In combat, E-7's and abov ( Full Answer )

How many received 2 bronze stars in world war 2?

There were millions of US military involved in WWII. Because of the numbers, no list exists naming all BS Medal recipients. And I am sure there are some who received more than two (2) BS medals.

Why would you receive three bronze stars during World War 2?

There are two different types of "bronze star" awards that can be listed in Army records. On the Army campaign ribbon, small bronze stars are affixed to indicate campaign participation. For example, a soldier who participated in three campaigns would have three bronze stars on his campaign ribbon. ( Full Answer )

Can someone receive the bronze star if they did not see combat?

Yes, the award is also given for Merit which is basically doing an outstanding job in your duties. The bronze star is also given with a "V device" for Valor to distinguish it as being awarded for that reason. Awards like the Silver Star, Navy Cross, Distinguished Service Cross and other high ones ar ( Full Answer )

How did the alliances formed in Europe after Worl war II form an iron curtain?

'Iron Curtain' was a figure of speech used by Winston Churchill to describe the effect of Russian expansion and domination of Eastern Europe immediately after WWII. Stalin worked on posession being nine-tenths of the law, and the other Allies were in no mood to engage in another military confrontati ( Full Answer )

When did worl war II end?

September 2, 1945 when General Tomoyuki Yamashita of the Japanese surrendered to American troops at Kiangan, Ifugao in the Northern Philippines.

How do you verify that someone received a bronze star?

There web sites for personal awards. In the Navy it's and you go there and type in the person's info (last name, soc#) and it will list all their "personal awards" that is, awards that were given directly to them (not unit awards and such)...

How can you find bronze star citation?

You can find a bronze star citation by searching online at Home ofHeroes. You can search by name, state, or the war that the personwas in.

Who star war II?

If you need the cast, specify Episode II or the 2d movie-Empire which was no. 5 in the series in chronology. If you want to know who started World War II, It was Germany.

What are the bronze star from the Vietnam war?

There are two different bronze stars often listed on discharge papers from the Vietnam era. The Bronze Star Medal was awarded for meritorious service or valor. Subsequent awards were marked with an oak leaf cluster. Bronze stars were also small stars placed on the Vietnam Campaign ribbon to signif ( Full Answer )