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How to fix a drooping headliner?


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Once a headliner starts drooping there is nothing you can do to fix it. You can temporarily find solution though. I put thumb tacks in mine, they keep coming down every now and then though, you just need to push them put in. You could also staple it to the roof(not recommended).

The ultimate solution though is to buy a headliner kit for about $30 and replace it following the instructions.

You can get things at a craft store like joanne fabrics that work fine and never fall out.they have like a clear button with a tiny like corkscrew on them so all you have to do is turn them in,they really work fine.hope this helps.

The proper fix is to find foam backed headliner material at a fabric store. Take the trim out and take the headliner board down. Clean it and remove all the old foam. Put on the new fabric and reinstall in car.

optionally, you could remove the headliner and pay an upholstery shop to reline the fabric

or, if you've got plenty of $$$ buy a whole new headliner from a dealership

I have repared many sagging and drooping headliners with little expense. You must carefully remove the trim that holds the headliner in plaace then remove the headliner. They DO come out of the car when you figure out the angle it must be in. Be careful not to bend it. Once removed, carefully remove the material. If it begins to deteriorate, the headliner material can be purchade custom cut and fit from outlets like J.C. Whitney. Use a srpay adhesive like 3M and LIGHTLY spray the surface that the headliner material goes on. Center the material and smooth out from center to edges using your hands or a 3 or 4 inch paint roller until it is smooth and fastened. Let it set for a few hours for the adhesive to cure. Then reinstall the headliner, trim and anything else you removed. If done properly, it will look like new. Be patient.


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Shorty's Automotive is in Portland. They do a lot of interior work and will gladly replace your headliner for you.

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