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I have removed and repaired the window motors on our Sienna van. Remove the door handle and and I believe there two bolts to remove before pulling off the inside panel which is just a pop off proceedure. I can't remember exactly how to remove the motor but it is fairly clear. Once the motor is removed take it apart and solder the circuit braker contacts together. If you are not comfortable with soldering, take the motor to a repair shop and have them do it. I have done both motors in our 98 and have had no more problems. This is somewhat vague but it's been awhile.

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โˆ™ 2007-01-25 07:22:26
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Q: How to fix a power window on a 98 Toyota Sienna?
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How do i fix the front door on my Toyota Sienna?

In my 2004 Sienna there was a weld in the door assembly that broke and caused a loud clunking noise when I opened the door. Toyota recently issued a recall for this problem and will fix it free of charge

How do you slow down the idle speed on a 1998 Toyota Sienna?

fix the vacuum leak

How do you fix door latch on trunk of 2000 Toyota Sienna?

The following link has instructions, diagrams and pictures showing how to make this repair easily and inexpensively:

How do I fix a Toyota Sienna driver's side seat belt that is stuck?

To fix a Toyota Sienna driver's side seat belt that is stuck, you might need to pull the entire belt out slowly until it is completely extended. Then, allow the belt to retract slowly.

In your 2005 Sienna the front door driver side hinge is making a loud clunking noise when you open or close the door?

I have the same problem on my 05' Sienna. My mechanic showed me that it was the door hinge making the noise (soon your window will not open unless door is open). My mechanic said he has seen this before, but Toyota dealer has to fix it. They want $1K to fix, so we are living with it. Toyota is going down hill.

How do you remove the inside door panel of a 1998 Toyota Sieana Van?

We have a fix for this problem that anyone can do - includes testimonials! See full details under "How do I replace the passenger side mirror on 2000 Toyota Sienna?

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How do you fix a car's power window?

usually by replacing window regulator.

How do you fix the envoy xuv rear power window?

What's the problem with the window?

How do you fix the rear power window on a 99 Saab 9-3?

To fix a rear power window on a 1999 Saab, the door panel will have to be removed to gain access to the power window motor. If the window is not working properly, it is either the motor or the cable.

How do you fix the lock on the rear hatch of 1999 Toyota Sienna from a 'stuck in locked' position? Works like a charm. I spent $497.00 getting my 1999 Sienna handle fixed at the dealer, less than 2 yrs later it broke again. This fix took less than 30 mins and cost pennies.

How can you fix a driver's side door window yourself?

how do you change out the left back door window in a 1989 Toyota corolla?

What do you need to fix on your 2003 Toyota sienna van the whole van is vibrating when you are on or above 60mph?

It seems that you need new tires.

2006 vsc trac off and check engine light is on?

How To Fix vsc,trac off and engine light on for 2009 Toyota Sienna

How do you fix a rattling or chattering sound coming from the engine on a 2001 Toyota sienna when going up hills or accelerating rapidly?

Get a new car................ -___-

How do you fix the window and the lift drive motor being disconnected?

the window is both side power is not working

How do you fix a power window on a Nissan Maxima?

You should seek professional help or consult your vehicle's instruction manual before attempting to fix the power window on your Nissan Maxima. Your problem may be due to a power switch problem.

How do you fix a power window on a 1997 ford tarus?

Replace the motor.

Help you fix your buick window problems?

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How to fix driver side power window on 2004 Nissan Altima?

where is the fuses for the power windows

How do you fix squealing brakes on a Toyota Sienna?

Change the brake pads. I have had good luck with PBR Deluxe and PBR Metalmaster. They are quieter and dust a lot less.

How do you fix the spare tire hoist cable for 2006 Toyota sienna?

Replace the hoist assembly with a good used one from a parts cars in a wrecking yard.

My window washer reservior is leaking underneath in my 1998 Toyota Camry how can I fix it?

You can replace it. Or you get a plastic tank fix kit in AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts.

How do you Fix a broken horn on a Toyota Sienna?

There are many causes to a broken horn. The best way to fix it would be to check the relay, change the fuse and change the clock spring usually located behind the airbag.

How do you fix the cable inside the drivers door to the power window of a 1997 dodge caravan?

replace window regulator assembly.