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Airbag code 44 on a 1998 Corolla means that the airbag needs service. If not fixed in a reasonable amount of time, the airbag might deploy prematurely while driving. The fix is to take the vehicle to a reputable mechanic as soon as possible.

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Q: How to fix air bag code 44 for corolla 1998?
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Air bag code 24 mean on a 1998 explorer?

Air bag code " 24 " - System Disarm Failure or Internal Diagnostic Monitor Fault

Why is your air bag is on your 1998 Plymouth vogayer?

why is my air bag light on my 1998 Plymouth vogayer

How do you reset air bag light on a 2003 Toyota Corolla?

my2003 toyota corolla the airbag light is on

1998 ford f150 air bag code 52?

52 - intermittent or repaired lost battery feed

What does air bag code 21 on a Mazda 6 mean?

mazda miata air bag code 21

Air bag light flashes code 34 what does it mean?

( code 34 ) - driver side air bag circuit low resistance or shorted

Where is the air bag module located in a 1998 Cavalier?


Air bag light code 34?

Driver side air bag circuit , low resistance or shorted

Does 96 dodge ram 1500 have passenger side air bag?

No, the Ram didn't get a pass air bag until 1998.

What does code 33 on your air bag meanfor my 2002 Explorer?

passenger side air bag circuit , high resistance or open

How do you disable passenger air bag on 1998 mountaineer?

Take out the fuse.

How do you change the horn switch on a 1998?

If it has an air bag, then take it to a professional.

What does air bag code 33 - Passenger Side Air Bag Circuit High Resistance or Open mean?

The pass side air bag could be unplugged or has been deployed and removed.

Air bag code 72 on 2000 F?

Intermittent or Repaired Driver Side Air Bag Circuit High Resistance or Open

What does Air bag code 33 on 2007 ford 500 mean?

Passenger side air bag circuit high resistance or open

What does flashing code 13 mean on a 2002 Lincoln air bag indicator lite?

I believe that is " air bag circuit shorted to ground "

How do you clear air bag code on 2006 dodge caravan?

There is a reason why the air bag light has illuminated, the air bag module has detected a problem with the system. With the help of the code(s), a qualified technician can diagnose the problem and make repairs. Only then will the air bag light will go away. The air bag system should only be worked on by a qualified technician. Severe injury could occur if not handled properly.

What is ford airbag code 47?

Can't find " 47 " on my list but air bag code " 74 " is ( Intermittent or Repaired Driver Side Air Bag Circuit Low Resistance or Shorted )

What is air bag code 28?

passanger seat ocupant detection

In a 1998 Mystique why would the air bag light go on occasionally and then go out again a few days later?

Either you have a faulty air bag or the air bag sensor is faulty. Either way it should be checked by a professional mechanic. I wouldn't gamble on an air bag failure during an emergency.

How do you reset the air bag light on a 1998 Buick Skylark?

TAke it to the dealer as something is wrong for it to come on. The air bag won't work with the light on most of the time.

2000 Ford F-150 air bag code 32?

32 - Driver Side Air Bag Circuit High Resistance or Open

What does the INFL REST light mean on a 1992 Geo Storm?

it means inflatable restrant probley your air bag it is either saying ur air bag is on and working or that iit is not working The air bag computer has stored a trouble code. You will need the factory service manual to retrieve the code and troubleshoot it.

Does a 1998 Hyundai Tiburon have an air bag?

YEAH -- two -- one on each side

Air bag code b1932?

on a focus 2007 a clock spring circuit poor 14056d air bag restranit system.diagnosis 14200a wiring assembly repair