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How to fix oil on the spark plug?


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This is actually a pretty serious problem it means the piston rings that keep the oil from entering the combustion chambers are failing and you end up getting oil in your air fuel mixture and burning some of it.

If the oil is on the top of the plug, you have a failed valve cover gasket. If it is on

the bottom, you have internal engine problems.

I have seen people put chain saw plugs in the oil fouled cylinders and it worked!

don't know what the long term effect is $#!+...?


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only way to fix a spark plug is to replace the problem plug with a new one

if the oil is at the spark plug base the valve cover gasket is leaking. if the spark plug electrode is covered with oil the engine needs rings

If you see oil in the spark plug chambers in your Accord you will need to replace the vavle cover gasket. Oil from the top end of your engine (camshafts) is leaking through the vavle cover gaskets into one or more of the spark plug wells. Easy fix!!!!

If oil inside your spark plug how do u clean it out n what wrong with the car

Could be a few reasons, and can't be pinpointed without me actually seeing it "in action". But here are the most likely reasons, in order of likleyhood: 1) Spark plug not tightened to proper specs. Fix: tighen plug to proper specs with torque wrench. 2) Spark plug "washer" bad or gone. Fix: Replace washer. 3) Spark plug seals bad. Fix: Replace spark plug. 4) Bad threads in spark plug hole. Fix: Retap, or "Helicoil" it. 5) Crack in head near spark plug hole. Fix: Replace head.

It should not hurt it but it will fowl the spark plug if heavy oil mix. To fix the problem drain gas out of the lawnmower and refill with good fuel and clean or replace spark plug. It will probably make smoke for a little bit but that should fix it.

it could be an exhaust leak, a bad plug wire, loose spark plug or a lifter. check the oil.

no it can not start with a broken spark plug wire unless you fix it

Simple. There is a circular gasket for each spark plug between located between the valve cover and the engine. If they are not properly sealed, the oil from the top of engine will leak out of the valve cover and pool into the spark plug sockets. You must remove the oil BEFORE you remove the spark plugs. Anyway, the fix is purchase and install a new valve cover gasket and spark plug gaskets and use a gasket sealant.

You don't, you replace it.

leaking spark plug wires can do it and also a clogged fuel filter. it could have a bad spark plug or a bad spark plug wire a bad coil pack or ecsesive oil leaking past the valve seal and its fouling a plug

Sounds like you need to give it a compression test.

Oil deposits on the spark plug is caused by poor oil control. Oil is leaking past worn valve guides or piston rings into the cumbustion camber.

If you mean on the exterior of the spark plug then the valve cover gasket is leaking. If it is on the electrode of the plug you are burning oil.

Screw out spark plug then screw in non fouler then screw in spark plug in non fouler.

Cracked spark plug bro.promise

valve cover and spark plug tube gaskets. they come together in a kit

To fix an engine with no compression first try replacing the spark plugs. Remove the spark plug wire and then remove the spark plug. Replace the plug with a new one. Reattach the wire. Replace all of your plugs and see if your engine will fire.

If you are talking about oil on the outside of the spark plug then you have a leaking valve cover gasket. Oil on the spark plug electrode is a sign of defective rings and an engine in need of an overhaul.

Just immerse the spark plug in a recipient with solvent, kerosene or thinner, and use a hair dryer to get the spark plug dried again.

probably the oil pressure switch . is a very simple fix it looks almost like spark-plug and is located near the oil filter .If this dose not fix the problem then it may b the oil pump.

With mine the spark plug tube gasket broke and one of the spark plug tubes was flooded with oil. Also try changing the sparkplugs. With mine the spark plug tube gasket broke and one of the spark plug tubes was flooded with oil. Also try changing the sparkplugs. With mine the spark plug tube gasket broke and one of the spark plug tubes was flooded with oil. Also try changing the sparkplugs.

If you have oil on your spark plug it most likely means you have a bad valve seat. A compression check and cylinder leak down test is what you need to do.

either the spark plus were loose, or u have an oil leak above the plugs. check valve cover for leaking gasket

The first thing to do if one cylinder is not firing on a 1989 Honda Civic SI, is to disconnect the battery. Then remove the spark plug wire and the spark plug. Check to see that there is no oil on the plug and it has the right gap measurement. Then replace the spark plug and wire and try the engine again. If it is still misfiring, change the spark plug. If that does not fix the problem, have a compression check done for that cylinder.

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