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Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P1309 indicates Misfire Detection Monitor is not enabled. Breakout box installed, PCM disconnected. Connect digital multimeter between PCM test pin 85 and test pins 51 or 103. Bump engine in short burst with the starter without starting engine for at least 10 engine revolutions. Answer this question: Does digital multimeter reading switch between low (less than 2.0 volts DC) and high (greater than 8.0 volts DC)? If Yes, Verify correct installation by referring to the Powertrain/Engine Group in the Workshop Manual. If the CMP is installed properly, REPLACE PCM. RESTORE vehicle. RERUN Quick Test. If no, REPLACE CMP sensor. RESTORE vehicle. COMPLETE Misfire Monitor Repair Verification Drive Cycle. RERUN Quick Test.

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Q: How to fix or trouble code p1309 on 1998 Ford Taurus?
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