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I took a piece of electric wire and hook it to the motor of the windshield wiper and place it on any metal part of the car and it start working again someone told me that windshield wipers sometimes lt has to do with electrical ground . but any way it worked. lol


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โˆ™ 2007-09-07 20:08:04
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Q: How to fix the Chevy Lumina APV windshield wiper?
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How do you ground the windshield wiper motor on a Chevrolet Lumina APV van?

if you need a good ground. you can use a good bolt under hood or similar.

Where is the starter at on a 1992 Chevy Lumina apv?

under the engine

Where is the fuel pump on a 1995 Chevy lumina apv?

in the gas tank

Book Value Of 93 Chevy Lumina APV Van?

About $900

When was Chevrolet Lumina APV created?

Chevrolet Lumina APV was created in 1989.

Will a bad ground on a fuel gauge cause it to dance around on a Chevy lumina apv?


What is wrong with the windshield wipers on a 95 Chevy Lumina APV when they sometimes work only if you pull on them?

Sounds like your Wiper Motor may be going bad or you have a loose connection. I had that problem with my '91 APV. If I manually pulled on them they would start working but would eventually lock up again. They would also stop working when it was raining. It turned out to be a bad electrical connection in the wiper motor. If you wiggle the wires going into the wiper motor ( WATCH OUT FOR THE MOVING LINKAGE! ) you may find that that is the problem. Replace the motor and it should work.

Where is the antenna located on a 1994 Chevy lumina Apv minivan?

in the perimeter of the roof. between the headliner and roof.

When starting my Chevy lumina apv engine will run as long as starter is engaged but then dies when I let the key off?

Had same problem with My 91 Lumina APV. Changed Starter Relay. Haven't had any problems sence.

How do you remove crank pulley 92 lumina van with 3.8?

I want to take off the pulley wheel off,from a 1992 chevy lumina apv van.

How do you repair a winshield wiper motor in a 1995 Chevy lumina apv?

you can't. you have to get a new one. Go to a local auto recycler. One for my car from the dealer was $300. I paid $30 for it from the auto recycler and it works great.

Where is the fuel pump on a 1991 Chevy lumina apv minivan?

I have a "94" apv. The fuel pump is in the fuel tank and is one of the simpler ones to replace,and reasonably cheep at $60.

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