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First go on eBay and look for a window switch. I found one for about half of the price the dealer wanted. You will need a star shaped screwdriver adapter of some sort and just take two of them out inside the door handle where you grab the door to shut it. Once you get it out, just unclip the wiring clip and attach it to the new switch and put back in door.

NO DONT BUY A NEW 1 .... try this first it worked for me.. i took apart the switch panel and was gonna put the back window switch in the drivers side but i carefully took the WHOLE switch apart down to nothing. Then i bent back the contacts so they were usable again and WALLA it works great and has ben for over 3 years knock on wood

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Q: How to fix the window switch on the driver side door the contact is burnt?
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In your 1996 Chevy camaro on the driver side window switches it will raise the passenger window and lower it but does not work on the driver side window what could it be?

It could be the switch,power source to the switch, or the motor is burnt up. More than likely the motor is the problem since the driver side get a great deal more use than any other.

What could be the cause for the passenger window of a 2002 Tahoe not to work A click sounds when you press the driver or the passenger switch?

The motor could be burnt out on the window. This is more than likely what has happened. The motor can be replace for a low cost.

97 Honda accord ex 162k power windows Some times the front driver side window glass goes down and doesn't come up It comes up after 10-15 tries switching engine on and off and switching the window mi?

Happened to my 97 Accord EX. The power window switch for driver's window was burnt. Had to replace entire unit.

Taurus 2001 window will not roll up?

electric window motor bad or switch is bad check the motor and see if its getting power if so motor is burnt up if not switch is bad

How do you determine which part is bad on a 92 Chrysler LeBaron when all 4 power windows quit working but fuses are OK?

you have a bad ground. probably wore threw in the door jamb. also check driver's switch. There is a main power wire that goes into the driver's switch (usually it is red }This is the main power to turn on all switches.Check wire to make sure it is making contact with switch ,also check wire that there are no cracks in the wire.Check switch itself for any black or burnt spots .It sounds like to me this is your problem Once you locate this wire you will solve your problem

Window stuck down in 2002 buick rendevous?

Possibly the window motor burnt out. Try not to mess with it happened to me and window broke and i had to pay a lot more.

Why won't Passenger window 2000 Chev Impala won't work?

More than likely a burnt out window motor in that door.

How do you fix burnt blower motor wiring on a jeep?

Either replace the burnt wire or run new to the blower motor with a toggle switch.

Plymount Grand Voyager 98 all lights flicker on an off automatically even when engine ignition is off Mechanic could not find anything wrong What could be the problem?

What do you mean by all lights, all lights as in dash, headlights, parking lights and such... could be a bad light switch, or relay or a burnt wire. I have a 90 Caravan, did basically the same thing, the wiring to it was over heating and it was causing the breaker in the switch to kick off till it cools down then kick back on... I then replaced switch and dimmer switch... still did it, so then I went investigating and found out that it was cause of 1 burnt wire that was good enough to cause contact but it over heated quickly, kicking the lights off, then when it cooled they came back on... It might be something simple or as a burnt wire or the switch itself... checking for a burnt wire is easiler and cheaper then replacing the switch... Hope I helped. Good Luck

How are window glasses made?

Window glasses are made by mixing white sand, unpurified pearlash, and wood ashes. These materials are sifted, burnt, and placed in a mold to make window glass.

Why would the taillights on a 2001 Ford Expedition not come on with the headlights but the brakelights and hazard lights work if all the fuses are OK?

You probably won't have dash lights either. The problem will probably be at the light switch. If you take out the switch, there will be a burnt wire, and the switch will have to be replaced, along with a pigtail for the burnt wire.

What are the problems with thermal switch?

If you have a problem with the thermal switch, your fans will not come on at temperatures that will switch the fans to on in order to cool down the engine temperature. If you have a problem with the switch (faulty, burnt out), the only way to fix it is to replace it.

Lights go out when turn on high beams?

Burnt out bulbs? Defective dimmer switch?

Where can I find wiring color code for ignition switch wiring harness?

i know, burnt it.

Why don't the low beams work on my 2005 crown Victoria?

burnt bulbs, switch or fuse.

How do you fix a 1999 Honda CR-V driver window which does not open?

Several possibilities - but unless it's something simple, like a blown fuse, whatever the problem may be, it will have to be first accessed by removing the interior door panel to get at it. Could very well be a burnt out electric window motor, or simply the wire has come loose from the motor. No way of knowing until you get at it.

Is it possible to get sun burnt through the other side of the window in your house?

No. Window glass is nearly opaque to ultraviolet frequencies of sunlight; which are the frequencies that cause sunburn. The same applies to sunglasses.

What is wrong when the blinker works on the driver side only?

Burnt out lamp if maybe only the rear or front works and the other still works. If the whole side is out back and front, then it may be the switch. Could be the flasher unit too but doubtful if one side is working.

What is the reason why windsreen washers dont work?

The most common reasons are:1) burnt out pump motor 2) Disconnected or cracked hose someplace some place 3) Burnt out fuse 4) Burnt out/broken switch 5) Bad or broken wire between switch and pump motor 6) Empty reservoir 7) plugged up nozzle Check in this order: 1) Full tank 2) All hoses are connected and not cracked 3) Stick a needle or fine drill bit into all nozzle openings to make sure they are clear 4) Check for burnt-out fuse 5) Check pump motor to make sure it operates 6) Check switch to make sure it is not burnt out/broken 7) trace wires pith ohm meter to make sure it is conducting and not broken anyplace between power source and switch, or switch and motor connector.

Which fuse controls door window on 2007 e-350?

Check all of them til you find one burnt then label it.

If a light bulb is burnt out and the switch is left in the on position does it cost money?

You only pay for current that you use, so the answer is no.

Why did the windshield wipers stop working on cavalier?

either your motor burnt out or you have a faulty switch that turns them on. Or check the fuse

What would make the power windows in a 1995 Firebird work slowly?

the relay switch has gone bad or the motor is burnt out

My tailgate window on my 94 Toyota 4Runner won't go up or down with the switch in the car but will work with the key in the tailgate key cylinder. what could be the problem?

The fuse that protects that circuit is blown? The electric lift motor is burnt out? I dont think it's the lift motor since its going up and down with the key control, you just need a new switch for the car.

How do you check if your window motor is burnt up?

Check to see if you are getting power and ground to motor - if so and motor does not work- bad motor