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How to flush the radiator in a 1998 ford explorer?


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December 01, 2009 7:00PM

First, decide if you need a flush and clean or just to replace the anti-freeze with new fluid. You could decide this by looking into the radiator. If you see excessive build up on the internal parts of the radiator you will want to flush with a commercial radiator cleaning solution that will break down the gunk in the radiator allowing for better flow and cooling of the engine.

If you need to flush it, follow the directions on the label. Once that is completed you want to drain the system. Do this by placing a catch pan beneath the radiator under the petcock valve. On your vehicle it is located on the bottom, drivers side part of the radiator. It will be facing the engine. Remove your radiator cap to allow the system to breath while draining. Once the flow stops from the petcock valve you can tighten it back up and refill the radiator with a proper blend of anti-freeze and water (follow instruction on anti-freeze bottle)

Some mechanics will fill and flush an engine again before final fill with antifreeze, especially if significant build up is present in the radiator. Also, if it easily accessible, the lower radiator hose can be removed to help speed up the draining of the engine. Some people believe loosening the upper hose helps better drain the block but removing the radiator cap will suffice and leaves less to work on in order to get back up and running.