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I only no one thing:

1.You can get an Eon ticket by mixing records with someone......


Eon tickets get you latias or latios not any of the named Pokemon

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Q: How to get A Nintendo event in Pokemon ruby?
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Where do you get dioxis in Pokemon Ruby?

You can only get him at a special Nintendo Event

Pokemon Ruby legendarys?

Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latios, Latias (Nintendo Event), Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi (Nintendo Event), and Deoxys (Nintendo Event).

Pokemon ruby how can you get eon ticket?

Nintendo event or mixing records with someone that has one.

'How can you get the Aurora Ticket in Pokemon Ruby'?

NoA Event or Action Replay/Gameshark codes. NoA Event = Nintendo of America Event

How do you get the Aurora ticket in Pokemon ruby?

mystery gift at Nintendo event or action replay but its cheating ;)

Where do you get the eon ticket in pokemon ruby?

It is only available through a Nintendo Event (no longer going on)

How do you get to eight island in Pokemon firered without Nintendo event?

you need both ruby and Sapphire to get there. :)

How do you get latias in Pokemon Ruby?

There are two ways to get Latias in Pokemon Ruby: 1) Trade with another version - any version that has Latias. 2) Attend a Nintendo Event - at the Nintendo Event, there is a 'Wonder Spot' where special game rewards can be downloaded. Latias can become available in Pokemon Ruby after you download the special event. (In the game, you travel to an island and Latias flies over you. You are then able to catch it)

How you catch mew in Pokemon Ruby?

You need old sea chart from a nintendo event to use the ferry to get it

What is Nintendo events in Pokemon FireRed?

Nintendo events are events held by Nintendo at game stores and toys r us when Pokemon movies come out on DVD these events give away Pokemon uncatchable in the Pokemon versions that the event Pokemon can go in Example if the event Pokemon is mew firered, leafgreen, ruby, sapphire, emerald can get it.

How do you get to navel point on Pokemon Ruby?

u need to get a ticket there by going to a Nintendo event(real life) and tresfer it to ruby or gaqmeshark or action replay

How to get Jirachi on Pokemon Ruby?

The only way is through a Nintendo event, but they aren't held anymore for older games.

How do you get Celebi on Pokemon Ruby and safare?

get it from someone who has emerald that has got a celebi from a Nintendo event!!.....hope i helped!!vikkistar8000

How do you get an Eon Ticket on Pokemon Ruby?

A Nintendo event(it has passed already unfortunately) or mixing records with someone that has one.

Where is old sea chart in Pokemon ruby?

It is only obtainable through hacking, such as a Gameshark, or getting it from a Nintendo Event.

How do you get genesect in Pokemon omega ruby and alpha Sapphire?

Genesect can be obtained in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire through a special Nintendo event or by trading with other players who have Genesect.

What is the mystery event on Pokemon Ruby?

yes it is on Pokemon ruby

How you get the rainbow pass in Pokemon ruby?

do u mean rainbow ticket? Cuz there is no rainbow pass in pkm ruby rainbow ticket can only get by nintendo event

How many Pokemon is it in Pokemon Ruby?

there are 200386 Pokemon can be found in Pokemon Ruby if you go to Nintendo Events.

How do you catch Mew on Pokemon Emerald and Ruby and Sapphire?

You need to get to Faraway island, which you need a Nintendo event to get to. See ya!!

Pokรฉmon-how to get shining Pokรฉmon in ruby?

in ruby, you cant get shiny Pokemon, that is only for the two Nintendo DS games in ruby, you cant get shiny Pokemon, that is only for the two Nintendo DS games ~THE RIGHT ANSWER~ You CAN get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby. I caught a green Sandshrew before in Pokemon Ruby.

What is Pokemon event?

A Pokemon event is an event that you go to to get a special item or Pokemon......they do not have gameboy events anymore....they now have Nintendo ds events or "Nintendo events"

How do you catch a jirachi on Pokemon Diamond?

Jirachi cannot be caught in Pokemon Diamond. It can, however, be transferred from Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald, assuming you got it from a Nintendo event.

Pokemon diamond pearl how do you get Nintendo event?

wait for a Nintendo event and go to one!!!!!!!

How to find jirachi in Pokemon Ruby?

Jirachi is a Steel and Psychic type legendary Pokemon introduced in the third generation of Pokemon games. It can only be obtained via an official Nintendo event.