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How to get a girl even though when you come pass by she says ugh a lot to you and gets away from you?


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November 14, 2007 12:18AM

1 first if your a shy person then just forget about your feelings and say why do you keep on saying that.If she says nothing then she problay hitting on you but she wont say it and now she might think your manly enough to talk to her. 2.If she says something to you then she might or might not be interested in you. But dont hope. but still talk back to her. 3. and in months later or weeks(if you got the guts) ask her out just spend time with her. 4. always when your about to talk with her just forget about your feelings and if you cant your screwed warning\\\\\1. if she dosent talk to you forever she so not interested in you 2. if she still ingores you go talk to her