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You can use a Vodafone SIM on a T Mobile phone as long as the phone is unlocked. If you are getting a message that says, "Invalid SIM Card" or "Incorrect SIM Card" when you insert your Vodafone SIM, then that means the phone is still locked to T Mobile, so you would need to unlock it first.

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Can you use your cingular sim card in a tmobile phone?

tmobile usually locks their phones, so you would have to call and get it unlocked. Cingular doesn't usually lock their phones though, so the tmobile card should work in a cingular phone.

How do I get my T-Mobile SIM card to work in my Motorola cingular phone?

you cant. tmobile sim cards only work in phones with tmobile service providers. however you COULD unlock the phone.

Will your vodafone sim card work on an unlocked Motorola phone?

If the phone is unlocked you should be able to put any type of sim card in there as long as it is a GSM phone with a sim card slot.

Will a sidekick iD sim card work in a sidekick 3?

Yes you can. You can put any tmobile sim card into any tmobile or unlocked phone and it will work perfectly. Although you may need to add some features to your plan :)

How do you unlock a tmobile HTC touch pro 2 to work with a at and t sim card?

If you have used TMobile in the past, you can unlock your HTC Touch Pro2 by calling Tmobile. Alternatively, you can purchase unlocking software on websites such as eBay which will allow the unlocked phone to work with an AT&T sim card.

Can you use your tmobile sim card with a cingular phone?

yes you can, all u have to do is call the company and tell them to unlock the phone then it sould work

Will my tmobile sim card work in any prepaid phone?

You usually need to get prepaid phones unlocked before they will work with a SIM from a different network.

Can you have a tmobile phone and have ATT?

If you mean putting an at&t sim card in a t-mobile phone, no. Sim cards only work in phones that are the same brand.

Can you switch your service from tmobile to Verizon while still keeping your tmobile phone?

You mean you want to use your tmobile phone on Verizon network? No you can't. Verizon is CDMA and tmobile is GSM network, so your phone won't work on Verizon netwok

Can you take your tmobile sim card and put it in a prepaid tmobile phone and it work on your plan?

Yes. if it is a tmobile sim card and a tmobile phone then this will definitely work. you will also be able to carry on with the same price plan and number you used before. If you currently have a Tmobile phone on a contract plan that is complete you can also just change your plan to a pre paid plan and keep on using the phone that you have. UPDATE: As of April 2012, TMobile prepaid phones may only connect to T Mobile towers, limiting your signal (since they also use ATT towers) and giving you varied signal strength depending on your location. So, it's best to unlock any prepaid phone. Ask T Mobile to send you the unlock code or pay someone to unlock your phone.

Can a tmobile sid card work on an iPhone?

no unless it is unlocked... .

Can you use an ATT sim card with a non ATT phone?

Yes, but it has to be a phone that can accept the sim card, and it must be unlocked by the previous company. ex. if you have a tmobile phone you want to use, call tmobile and have it unlocked, then put your att sim in. It is not recommended though due to data services will generally not work. p.s. Iphones can not be unlocked by anyone.

How can you unblock your t-boile phone to work with a boost sim card?

Impossible as even if the phone was unlocked TMOBILE and BOOST work on different technologies one is GSM850/1900 and the other is IDEN

How do you fix a vodafone sim card when it says invalid sim?

try doing a factory re set on your phone or take the sim card out for a few minutes then put it back in if that does not work then you may to take it a vodafone dealer and get them to have a look at it as you may need a new sim card

Does a samsung b3310 work for tmoblie?

yes it does i have that phone and tmobile

Save Money With TMobile Phones?

If the other cell phone carriers seem costly with their monthly contracts, then you should consider getting one of the many TMobile phones. Yes, unfortunately, they don't carry the iPhone, but if you can find a really good deal on an unlocked phone, then you can simply get a TMobile SIM card for your device and it'll work. TMobile has much lower monthly fees than other cell phone carriers, so if you're on a budget, this is for you.

Does a tmobile phone work on a AT and T sim?

If the device is unlocked, yes.

Does the lg gw520 work with a tmobile sim card?

It depends, if you're with a certain network (carrier)like [uk] orange, three, vodafone [us]at&t, sprint etc, then no... unless its unlocked, or if you get it from t-mobile, then yes, you will be able to use a t-mobile sim card.

What if your daughter lost her tmobile phone Can you buy a new sim card and put it in an old tmobile phone but still keep her number for the lost phone?

You can do this as long as the old phone works with the tMobile network (or is unlocked to work on both AT&T and tMobile). But you need to call tMobile to have them active the new SIM chip. Basically, they need to connect your daughter as a customer to the new SIM. You should be able to take your old phone into any tMobile store and they should do this for you. Cannot say if they will charge you a small activation fee but it should not require another 2 year contract. They may try to push a new phone on you for free or small price so they can lock you into a new 2 year plan.

Will a iPhone work with a prepaid tmobile sim card?

yes all you have to do is hack it my cousin did it

Will an O2 simcard work in a vodafone phone?

no u cant but if u chip your vodephone phone u can

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