How to get bonded?

A surety bond is a promise to be responsible for the debt, default, or failure of another. In most instances, bonds are required by federal, state, and local governments to protect the taxpayer dollars that are paying for the project. By being bonded, a company is saying that they have undergone the examination by a surety and has been qualified to do the project.

If it's a single individual, then it's most likely a license bond which guarantee that the principal will follow the terms of the license for which they filed. They protect the citizens of a city, county or state from damages stemming from the actions of the principal, and require the principal to comply with all laws. They are a prerequisite to the granting of the license or permit.

To get the bonding process started, you need to contact a surety agent that is familiar with the bonding process. There will be an underwriting process associated with obtaining the surety bond but the surety agent will be able to assist you with more detailed information.