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there are many things you have to to befor that is broken

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How do you get past the wall blocking the way to spear piller in Pokemon diamond?

How do jou mean?. on the way there is a wall with a picture of the three Pokemon uxie, mesprite, and azelf. there should be an entrance there to more of the cave, but the picture is blocking it.

How do you scale walls in Pokemon diamond?

you have to get the HM wall climb.

How do you Rock Climb in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

After you get the HM Rock Climb, and a Pokemon knows it, you can approach a rocky wall, press A, and you will scale the wall.

Pokemon diamond how do you get past the wall of pysduck?

you need to beat the 4th Gym leader then chase a team galactica guy then Cynthia will give u a secret potion

How do you get past walls with Pokemon on them in Pokemon Ranger?

assuming that you are talking about guardian signs, you have to go to the past and beat the temple guardian of the temple. The Pokemon that the temple guardian uses will be the Pokemon that is on the wall. if you beat it, you can go to the wall, press the a button, and you can break it.

How do you get past the rock wall in the diamond mines on poptropica?

You use the wire and lite it on fire and the wall will go boom-boom

Pokemon diamond walk through wall cheat?

Visit this site www.codejunkies.com

How can you find flower paradise in Pokemon diamond?

first you have to beat the Pokemon league. Then when you go to victory road when you see a hole in the wall go in it. when you are out you have to teach one of your Pokemon surf. Go to the place where there is a line of flowers then use your bike or it will take you a while. then go to flower paridise and you can catch a legendary.

How do you get past the wall in Pokemon Platinum?

You need action replay to do this cheat but it is only on Pokemon pearl

Where can you catch shieldon in pokemon diamond?

In undergrounds, you have to get underground kit then, kind it in the undergrounds in wall.

Where is the insect plate in Pokemon diamond?

Finding the Insect Plate in Pokemon Diamond requires the use of the HM Cut. It is in Eterna Forest hidden in the wall to the right of the Old Chateau.

How do you makea hide out in Pokemon diamond?

go underground. you have to buy the digger drill and go to a wall and use it.

How do you use the diger drille in Pokemon diamond?

It's called a DIGGER DRILL and you use it by pressing A on an underground wall.

How do you get rid of the painting on the wall in celestic town?

You can't it's just there to talk about the three legendary pokemon from the lake axelf,mesprit and uxie

How do you get through the old slate that depicts a Pokemon in Pokemon ranger 3?

By going in the past (Multiplayer) and catch the boss that's on the picture, behind the wall is a rare Pokemon!

In Pokemon diamond how do you get surf?

In Celestic Town, go to the cave and 'talk' to the wall at the back. An old lady will give you the HM03 then.

What do the signs in celestic cave in Pokemon diamond mean?

They don't really mean anything. It is just markings that have unown on the wall.

How do you use rock climb with two people in diamond?

Go to a rocky wall, Go to e Pokemon menu and select rock climb. Or just click on the rocky wall a the first Pokemon wit rock climb will use it.

Where do you find heart scales on Pokemon Diamond?

To find heart scales on Pokemon diamond/pearl you need the explorer kit to go underground. once you are underground look for cracks inthe wall, and eventully you will find a heart scale in the cracks.

How do you get past the rocket game corner on Pokemon FireRed?

You press A on the poster on the wall, and then you go into the Rocket hideout below.

Where is the full incense in Pokemon diamond?

go to veilstone city and use rock climb on a wall and grab the poke'ball and that is the full incense.

Full incense in Pokemon diamond?

In Veilstone city; theres a wall you rock climb on.use and get the item in the pokeball, which is full incense.

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