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How to get rid of honeybees?

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Call a specialist as honey bees are protected by law.

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What is the collective noun for a group of honeybees?

The collective nouns for honeybees area hive of honeybeesa swarm of honeybeesa cluster of honeybees.

Is it possible to get rid of honeybees or are they protected?

It is possible to get rid of honeybees in many countries since the insects in question (Apis spp) are more unprotected than protected. For example, the United Kingdom offers no legal protection. It nevertheless remains an ecologically and humanely unfriendly choice to eliminate honeybees since their honey is lucratively tasty and since they pollinate many edible, ornamental and wildflowering plants worldwide.

Are honeybees the same as bees?

honeybees are a type of bee, but not all bees are honeybees.

What are honeybees predators?

Honeybees are not predators.

What do honeybees eat with?

Honeybees only eat nectar from flowers. The honeybees also eat pollen. The honeybees are a very important part of the worlds ecosystem.

Where do honeybees come from?

Honeybees come from southeastern Asia.

Are honeybees harmful?

Yes, honeybees can be harmful.Mostly if you bother them.

What are the three main types of honeybees?

honeybees is one of the three

How are honeybees important?

Pollination is one way that honeybees are important.

Do snakes eat honeybees?

No, snakes don't eat honeybees.

How many different kinds of honeybees are there?

There are three different types of honeybees.

What can be done about the decline in the honeybees?

want can be done about the decline in honeybees in britain

Honeybees signal the location of food to other honeybees by?

Dancing in patterns

Where do honeybees abound?

Honeybees are found everywhere, apart from the Arctic and Antarctic.

What does the bible say about honeybees?

At Matthew 3:4 honeybees were ate by John the Baptizer.

What do honeybees like to do?

Honeybees like to make honey to keep them fed over the winter.

Are honeybees the only bees that die after stinging you?

Yes, only honeybees die after they sting.

What do honeybees need in order to survive?

honeybees need Pol in and other bees to survive.

What are three differences in orchard mason bees and honeybees?

Three differences between Orchard Mason Bees and Honeybees are: 1. Honeybees are more aggessive. 2. Orchard Mason Bees live in mud holes while Honeybees live in hives. 3. Orchard Mason Bees sting less frequently than Honeybees.

Do honeybees kill each other Do they love to sting?

Honeybees really hate to sting.But if you mess with them they will mess=with you. =

How long could humans live without honeybees?

it is believed that we can only live 2 years with out honeybees

Is there an insect that does not sleep?


What kind of eyes do honeybees have?

your but

What are honeybees enemies?


What is a honeybees enemy?

a snake